DY80 Danny Yung Experimental Theatre

The Birth of Tragedy (Preview)

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • Preview
    2023.11.21 (Tue) 6pm

DY80 Danny Yung Experimental Theatre

The Birth of Tragedy (Preview)

The tragedy of birth, the birth of tragedy.


A theatrical work probing into Nietzsche and Wagner’s relationship, which was like a love affair between philosophy and art. Their relationship will be deconstructed by disengaging viewpoints from the subject, and immersing in actions evolving from a multitude of interchangeable, mutually understood concepts. What was born out of the death of faith?


DY80 Danny Yung Experimental Theatre – The Birth of Tragedy is Danny’s new work using the theme of Tragedy to relaunch theatre experimentation on relationship and art, following his 5-year explorative series of The Interrupted Dream. From the German philosopher who was profoundly influential to the development of 20th century philosophy, to the context of contemporary audiences; from the Wagner operas Nietzsche once so fondly embraced and later contemptuously reviled, to noise music that tries to reestablish the borders of music, Danny Yung continues with his ultra-minimalist theatre design of One Table Two Chairs, creating a platform for dialogues across consciousness, generations, cultures. The performance will premiere at the Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre in November 2023.

  • Creative Team


    • Artistic Director, Director & Designer

      Danny Yung

    • Performers

      Martin ChoyChuk Yin ManKang Bo-neng

    • Guest Actor

      Lyu Ting-anMakoto Matsushima

    • Original Music

      Steve Hui

    • Video

      Benny Woo

  • Danny Yung's Creative Notes on The Birth of Tragedy


    “I  step back a hundred steps, attempting to deconstruct Nietzsche and Wagner, that is a love relation of philosophy and art. He once adored him, then despised him, as if it were idle chatter before and after meals. He still tries to sort out his own voice amidst noises, and dramatically announcing, as if the collective mythology has ended, and his own mythology has begun.”

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