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Zuni Icosahedron finds its roots in Hong Kong. As the most iconic professional experimental theatre group in Hong Kong, a non-profit charitable cultural organization and an member of the The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Zuni has always shared high-quality art with the underprivileged and students through the Zuni Art Partners Scheme, Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme and Zuni Liberal Studies & Arts-in-Education Programme respectively. Your support and donation is crucial for us to sustain these initiatives.

Zuni's Welfare Ticket Scheme was launched in 2011. Discounted tickets are offered to enable more people from different sectors of the society to have exposure to theatre and experimental arts. It has supported more than 160 social welfare agencies, benefitting over 88,000 donees.

Zuni Liberal Studies & Arts-in-Education Programme was launched in 2009, covering topics such as local social issues and civic education. Over 320 schools have joined student matinees and school tours. In response to the government's initiatives to support young people's "education, career pursuit and home ownership, and encouraging their participation in politics as well as public policy discussion and debate", Zuni initiated stage technology training programmes with higher education institutions. Creative Playground, an experimental theatre course for youths, was held. Overseas and mainland cultural exchange tours for young art administrators were held to nurture and broaden their horizons.

The government has launched the "Matching Grants Scheme". For each dollar an art organisation raises, the government would match it with another dollar. Your donation and sponsorship, regardless of the actual amount, has the potential to double up in its impact.

* Subjected to the terms and conditions of the "Marching Grants Scheme".


Donations of $100 or above are eligible for tax reduction with receipts. Donations of $1,000 or above will be acknowledged in our 2020/21 season website and annual report. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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