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In 1987, Zuni established the Art Education Unit for the purpose of promoting the development of local art education and organising different types of visual and performing arts education programmes. Over the part 30 years, Zuni organised various programmes to promote the understanding and participation of art in the community and school. Important programmes includes Creative Playground, Liberal Studies & Arts-in-Education Programme, National Arts Education Programme, Black Box Exercise – Installation Art Education Programme, etc.

  • Art Tech


    Since 2017, Zuni has organised the “Z Innovation Lab” series to explore the forefront of stage technology through showcasing, exchanging and training, exposing the multitude of possibilities of a theatre. In 2018, cooperated with the Zurich University the Arts (ZHdK), Zuni organised the Z/Z Twin Lab. Information Technology Department of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee) was also invited to participate in this multimedia technology innovation experiment. In 2021, Zuni partnered with the Hong Kong Design Institute, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong to foster academic interflow and Art Tech training.

  • Playground (2017)

    Creative Playground – Danny Yung Experimental Theatre Education Programme

    The “Learning Programme for Youth Theatre” in “Creative Playground – Danny Yung Experimental Theatre” is an elementary programme on the basics of experimental theatre specially designed for local young people aged 16-25, using the creative concept of Danny Yung, the pioneer of Chinese experimental arts, as blueprint, with the aim of training local artistic talents.

    Creative Playground Creative Education Resource Sharing

  • Plan HK Better - school touring (2018)

    School Touring & Arts-in-Education Programme

    Zuni first staged the “Multimedia Theatre Education Programme” in year 2000, and then jointly organized this project with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department from 2001 onwards. The project brought a multimedia theatre, which Zuni had been experimenting for many years, to the schools . Precise, detailed and complicated multimedia variety performances were broken down into different independent systems, thus enable students to think about the various theoretical and technical aspects of theatre, performance, creation, self and society in a systematic way. Zuni introduced its “School Touring and Arts-in-Education Programme” in 2009. The programme covers topics from local social issues and current affairs to concepts related to history, philosophy, arts and culture; addresses and explores issues that are of social and cultural concerns by employing theatre and other different art forms. Guided viewing sessions and workshops are specially arranged for secondary school students, with the aim of fostering their ability to grasp facts and to interpret an array of concepts which in turns nurtures and enhances their competence in developing personal insights as well as their independent and critical thinking skills.

  • BAUHAUS Magic Flute (2021)

    Children Theatre

    Zuni believes in the power of art in stimulating children’s creativity and imagination and has been dedicated to promoting art to a broader audience of different ages. Previous children’s theatre productions include The Magic Flute Playground (2015, 2018), BAUHAUS Magic Flute (2017,2021), and STEAM – The Four Great Inventions (2019). 2021, commissioned by the Architectural Services Department (ArchSD), Zuni is collaborating with Japan’s Theatre Workshop and Hong Kong’s Arch Design Architects to provide consultancy service; with the aim of formulating design menu of children’s theatres,  it will be submitted as a reference for ArchSD and Leisure and Cultural Services Department to design children’s theatres in the future.

  • The Forbidden City – Thematic Exhibition (2009)

    National Arts Education Programme – Art & Design Series

    By presenting and organizing diversified educational activities in forms of exhibitions, workshops, talks, theatrical performances and guided tours, Zuni aims to enable young people and the general public of Hong Kong to know more about traditional Chinese culture.

    Since 2009, the number of visitors to exhibitions is estimated to exceed 500,000, and 10,000 students and the public have participated in various educational and guided activities. These activities include:

    • The Forbidden City (2009)
    • Ink Design Living: I Want to Learn Calligraphy (2010)
    • One Hundred Years of Chinese Railway Architecture (2011)
    • Poster Exhibition on the Book of Changes: Qian (2015)
  • Black Box Exercise poster (1995)

    Black Box Exercise – Installation Art Education Programme

    “Black Box Exercise” began operating in the year 1995, and the concept of “Black Box Exercise” is to have each of the participating students to have a black box of his own, sized 30 x 30 x 30cm; and they are to create something inside the box as their creative expressions. From 1995-2005, Zuni has hold numerous “Black Box Exercise” activities, including workshops and site-specific exhibitions, in over 200 local schools and education centres with the number of participants over 280,000. In 1999, “Black Box Exercise” extended from Hong Kong to overseas, and gradually became an important and internationally known education programme. The organisers and members of “Black Box Exercise” were invited to participate in an exchange conference held by the UNESCO for educators in Asia, and “Black Box Exercise” was used as an example showcase for the participants in sharing their experience in education. In 2003, “Black Box Exercise” officially became part of the school curriculum in art educatio n in Denmark. The scheme was also brought to over 60 overseas cities, including Tokyo, Fukuoka, Macau, Berlin, Copenhagen, Mumbai and New Delhi.

  • Tian Tian Xiang Shang Creativity-For-Community and School Development Programme (2012)

    Tian Tian Xiang Shang: Creativity-for-Community and School Development Programme

    Initiated by Danny Yung’s conceptual comics, a platform is set up for creative exploration and promotion in schools and the community.

    Tian Tian Xiang Shang Tour Exhibition and Creative Workshop and Tian Tian Xiang Shang Finale Exhibition exhibited include the conceptual comics of Danny Yung of the past years, 108 works by the people of our creative society, works by 3,000 students and people from communities, Tian Tian Xiang Shang iPhone and iPad app works. These all are displayed in a space of interactive creativity, with people’s participation from all walks of life for impromptu acts of the imaginative and inventive mind.

    The programme has also participated in and exhibited in Tokyo, Singapore, Vancouver, Washington, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai and other places.

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