Read Sing Eileen Chang (Shenzhen)

Shenzhen Mixc Theatre

2024.1.19 (Fri) 8pm
2024.1.20 (Sat) 8pm

Read Sing Eileen Chang (Shenzhen)

In 2023, Mathias Woo collaborated for the first time with renowned stage actress Perry Chiu to re-interpret Read Sing Eileen Chang and made its mainland debut at the Aranya Theater Festival. In 2024, Zuni will bring Read Sing Eileen Chang back to the mainland to meet the audience in Shenzhen, showcasing the sensory and spiritual impact brought by the combination of Zhang Ailing and stage art technology. The piece features texts selected from Eileen Chang’s novels and essays in the form of storytelling and singing, which are then integrated with creative stage technology by Zuni Innovation Lab led by Mathias Woo. The writings of Eileen Chang become three-dimensional as a Hong Kong cum cross-strait team of musicians and performers engage in a creative experiment on sound, acting and technology. The show combines technology and live performance, blending a variety of traditional and modern forms of storytelling and singing, which are then juxtaposed with sounds and images from Zuni’s past works on Eileen Chang to create a new piece of work.


“Read Sing Eileen Chang was a multimedia performance across different art forms; the production team straddles China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; different cultures inspired the techniques used. For the audience, it was an experience that transcended time and space.”

– Chow Fan Fu, Renowned Arts Critic


Zuni has reinterpreted various works by Eileen Chang, one of the most influential Chinese female writers in modern history. The year 2020 marked the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Eileen Chang. In a tribute to this legendary writer, Zuni launched the Eileen Chang 100 – Read Sing Eileen Chang. The different versions of the play launched over the past few years have been highly praised, including the live-stream at the Studio Theatre in June 2020, the live performance at the Grand Theatre in November of the same year, the screening in Huayi Chinese Festival of Arts and MOViE MOViE Life is Art Film Festival in 2021.


Texts, photos, illustrations from Eileen Chang’s works

© Roland Soong and Elaine Soong through Crown Culture Corporation

  • Creative Team


    • Director, Script, Music Producer, Visual Design

      Mathias Woo

    • Performance

      Perry ChiuDavid YeungSobi So

    • Music/ Read Sing

      Yao ChangYang Mo-han

    • Voice-acting (Recording)

      Karena Lam

    • Music/ Guitar/ Vocal (Recording)

      Cheer Chen

    • Graphic Design

      Rachel Chak

    • Illustration of Eileen Chang

      Lai Tat Tat Wing

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  • Director's Note (Excerpt)



    Read Sing Eileen Chang was a result of serendipity and many benevolent coincidences.


    Eileen Chang is a familiar theme to me as I have adapted her works many times. Her work Dui Zhao Ji (Mutual Reflections: Looking at My Old Photo Album), in which she introduced her life in pictures, impressed me the most. Instead of writing a lengthy autobiography and detailed recordings like other writers, she carefully selected pictures that paint her personality. Read Sing Eileen Chang was conceived with Dui Zhao Ji in mind. It uses the novel as the structure, interspersed with Eileen Chang’s prose works and novels. In some ways, it reads like Eileen Chang’s life timeline.


    This time, hoping to create a context closer to the visual culture on mobile screens for a young audience, I adapted Dui Zhao Ji into a theatre performance. Read Sing Eileen Chang is a video-text book, turning the theatre into a large space for a reading experience, with text, sound, video, music, and space.


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  • Original Read Sing Songs


    Flamboyance and Desolation

    Read Sing: Sobi So

    Original Text: Eileen Chang
    Lyrics: F$$ (Yang Mo-han . Xiao-Zuo)
    Music: Yang Mo-han, Beat by Veysigz (Chinatown)


    My Dream of Being a Genius

    Read Sing: Sobi So

    Original Text: Eileen Chang
    Adapted Lyrics: Yang Mo-han
    Music: F$$ (Yang Mo-han . notbe), Blade901 x 5Head (Are You Afraid)

    Fan Liu-yuan

    Read Sing (Recording): Yao Chang

    Original Text: Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang
    Lyrics: Yao Chang
    Music: Yao Chang, Lee (You’re Beautiful)


    Bai Liu-su

    Read Sing (Recording): Yao Chang featuring Perry Chiu

    Original Text: Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang
    Lyrics: Yao Chang
    Music: Yao Chang, Moon Juice (Ocarina Of Time)

    Tong Zhen-bao

    Read Sing (Recording): Yao Chang

    Original Text: Red Rose, White Rose by Eileen Chang
    Adapted Text: Yao Chang
    Music: Edgar Hung


    A Life in a Mansion

    Read Sing: Sobi So

    Original Text: Eileen Chang
    Lyrics: Youngbean, Yang Mo-han
    Music: Youngbean, Yang Mo-han, Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer (Come Rain Or Come Shine by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers)

    On Painting

    Read Sing: Sobi So

    Original Text: Eileen Chang
    Adapted Lyrics: F$$ (Yang Mo-han)
    Music: F$$ (Yang Mo-han), Eric Godlow Beats (Lovely)


    Shen Shijun

    Read Sing (Recording): Yao Chang

    Original Text: Eighteen Springs by Eileen Chang
    Text: Yao Chang
    Music: LCS x Jurrivh (See The Lights)


    Read Sing: Sobi So

    Original Text: Eileen Chang
    Adapted Lyrics: F$$ (Yang Mo-han)
    Music: F$$ (Yang Mo-han), Jazz Old School Rap Beat (Utopia)

  • Team Members


    Text Arrangement: Pia Ho

    Research & Script Assistants: Carson Chung, Megan Hnug

    Music Arrangement: Edgar Hung

    Music & Read Sing: Yao Chang, Yang Mo-han

    Tanci: Hua Jueping

    Tanci Performance (Recording): Jin Lisheng, Yu Qun

    Video Production: Wing Chan, Li Ming


    Lighting Design: Mak Kwok-fai

    Sound Design: Yeung Ngor-wah

    Production & Technical Manager: Chow Chun-yin

    Deputy Stage Manager: Li Man-yung

    Assistant Stage Manager & Subtitle: Chan On-ki

    Video & Server Control: Sze Tung-leung

    Audio Control: Chan Tin-yau

    Costume Designer: Twinny Cheng

    Wardrobe: Chan Wa-yee

    Make up: Yeung Yu-sui

    Hair Styling: Chen Xiu-ying

    Stage photography: Hu Ke, Xia Tong, William Li


    Programme and Administration

    International Exchange Director: Wong Yue-wai

    General Manager: Kan Yat-nga

    Executive Producer: Chan Ho-fung

    Tour Manager: Ho Yin-hei

    Rehearsal Assistant: Li Ka-yee

    English Translation: Mona Chu

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  • Terms and Conditions


    Running time approximately 100 minutes

    Please arrive 30 minutes before the performance

    Children height below 1.2 meters are not allowed to enter the venue