Perry Chiu

Chiu Woon, Perry is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Drama in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. During her study, she won the Award for Outstanding Actress in school twice with "The Dream of a Young Girl" (少女夢) the musical and "The Wilderness" (原野). In September of 2004, she has received the Art Achievement Award from Baoding Dramatists' Association in Hebei for praising her outstanding achievement in performing arts. In the same year, she also received Hong Kong Drama Professionalism Award. In 2011, she was selected as the "Hong Kong Professional Life Ladies"; in 2012, she got the nomination award of the Best Main Actress in Shanghai Magnolia Stage Performance Award and the Best Main Actress of the year in Modern Drama Valley. In 2016, her first microfilm "Rice"(生炒糯米飯) got the nomination award from the 7th China International New Media Short Film Festival and the Bronze Award of Microfilm of the 3rd Xiamen International Youth Microfilm Festival. In the same year, she received the Best Actress Award from Shanghai· Jing'an Modern Drama Valley One Drama Awards with the stage play "Ruan Ling Yu" (阮玲玉).