Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream (2020) Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream (2020) Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream (2020)

Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream (2020)

Season 2020 Playback

Live: 8pm (HKT) on 30 Oct 2020 (Fri)

2nd round: 8pm (HKT) on 31 Oct (Sat) to 8pm (HKT) on 2 Nov 2020 (Mon)

8 Ep. Version: 8pm (HKT) on 10 Nov (Tue) to 8pm (HKT) on 16 Nov 2020 (Mon)

  • The Interrupted Dream is a narrative of Peony Pavilion, a Kunqu play originated in the Ming Dynasty, under extreme oppression. Geng Zi is the Chinese name of the year of 2020, recurrents every 60 years, often a year of turbulence in Chinese history. Borrowing the concepts of this play repeatedly, Danny Yung created The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream this year to explore theatre through theatre and verify experiment through experiment, as in his usual practice. Dreaming has no cultural or regional boundary and it’s comparable to theatre making which can travel through the East and the West, ancient time and the present. Dreams are like virtual theatre. The stage presentation is the reflection of a dream. Are consciousness and subconsciousness involved in the practices of dreaming and theatre making considered a way of escaping the virtuality or seeking the truth? With The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream, Danny Yung uses experimental theatre to expose, review, criticize his own consciousness and subconsciousness in the Year of Geng Zi.

  • Creative Team

    Director, Scriptwriter & Designer: Danny Yung
    Asst Artistic Director & Deputy Director: Cedric Chan
    Music Designer: Steve Hui
    Video Designer: Rodney Ma
    Lighting Designer: Leo Siu
    Sound Designer: Matt Hui
    Filming & Video Production: Dino+Hayman@Singular
    Performers: Martin Choy*, Step Ip, Ellen Kong, Jason Kong, Dan Tse

    *With the support and kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

  • Music


    Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: No. 1 Prélude
    Composed by Jean-Philippe Rameau


    Sheep on the Slope in Interrupted Dream
    Performed by Shen Yili (Shanghai)

    Bang Bang
    Performed by Nancy Sinatra Written by Sonny Bono

    Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major
    Composed by Ludwig van Beethoven

    Endless Dreams
    Performed by Bai Guang Music Hou Xiang Lyrics Shui Xi Cun

  • Video Footage

    In Search of New China by John Wong (2019)

    (Zuni’s Experimental Theatre Restructuring Images Series Original Director/ Concept: Danny Yung)


    Traditional Masks Production

    Pak Supono (Yogyakarta)

  • Production Team

    Production Manager: Chow Chun Yin
    Deputy Stage Manager: Ho Yin Hei
    Video Operator: Johnny Sze
    Assistant Stage Manager: Chan On Ki
    Creative Assistant: Wu Zonglun

    Graphic Design: Coco Cheung
    Photographer: Ricky Cheng, Tin Lau, Vic Shing
    Promotion Video Production: Wyatt Lam
    Stage Intern: Chan Chi Tung, Chiu Pak Hang, Ho Siu Hong

  • Programme Team


    Co-Artistic Directors: Danny Yung, Mathias Woo
    Producer/ International Exchange Director: Wong Yuewai
    Company Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
    Company Manager (Programme): Doris Kan
    Senior Programme Manager: Bowie Chow
    Programme Manager: Ho Yin Hei
    Assistant Programme Manager: Ricky Cheng
    Programme and Art Administration Trainee: Megan Hung, Stephy Yeung



    Didik Nini Thowok

    Hui Man Ho

    Theresa Leung

    Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

    Emergency Stairs(Singapore)

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