Danny Yung Experimental Theatre

2 or 3 Things About Interrupted Dream


Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • 7.7 (WED) 3pm

  • 7.8-10 (THU-SAT) 8pm

Danny Yung Experimental Theatre

2 or 3 Things About Interrupted Dream

/ A Featured Work of IATC (HK) Critics Awards 2020 /

In 2021, the pandemic certainly affected our society, our culture, especially our culture of communications, and invoked our deep reflection on art and the development of our society. That presented us opportunities to carry out dialectic discourses on our experimentation and its creative process, as well as allowing us to examine the very nature of art, which includes the evaluation of the virtuality and the realness in the context of the present technological advancement. The pandemic reminds us the disconnection between our developed society and its respective environmental ecology, so much so that the health and education systems are not on par with our needs in reality.  The interactions between the system and technology becomes an important issue. 

To be staged at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre in July this year, 2 or 3 Things About Interrupted Dream which is developed from the excerpt In Praise of the Portrait of the kunqu (opera) Peony Pavilion created in Ming dynasty, aims at getting inspired by looking at a “portrait” out of the frame/context. What is different is that, today, we are trying to examine the history by experimenting the migration of a painted portrait into the forms of “photo”, “film” and “reality TV”.  That is to explore and evaluate how theatre being a framework and the vehicle of communications, so as to reflect on how the notion of theatre being challenged by the ever-available public space/media with the aid of current technology. Seemingly, the portrait used in the Peony Pavilion metaphors idol worship, while our simile is to discuss the virtuality and the realness of the media in a theatre play.

  • Creative Team


    • Artistic Director, Director & Designer

      Danny Yung

    • Asst Artistic Director & Deputy Director

      Cedric Chan

    • Performer

      Martin ChoySylvie CoxJH Ellen KongDan Tse

    • Music

      Steve Hui (aka Nerve)

    • Video

      Benny Woo

    • Lighting

      Mak Kwok Fai

    • Sound

      Chan Wing Kit

  • 2 or 3 Things about the Interrupted Dream
    @InlanDimensions International Art Festival 2021


    Danny Yung Experimental Theatre 2 or 3 Things about the Interrupted Dream was invited in the InlanDimensions International Arts Festival 2021, greeting the audience in both wide-shot version and edited version. The Video-on-Demand service is available from September 24th to October 19th. For details, please refer to the festival’s website.

    Wide shot:https://bit.ly/2Zwv2YZ

    Edited version:https://bit.ly/39xCNPR

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  • Creative Notes


    The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in 1598, included Scene 10 – Interrupted Dream. The scene provided us significant rooms for imagination and the vicissitudes of life presented in and outside the theatre. Among the variety of symbols and narratives, we went with the flow to look for individual and collective imaginative space.

    Peony Pavilion was banned several times 450 years back. Every time it was restaged, it turned into even more indulged and plaintively showy. Now, all of us, please look at this theatre, look at its confines and taboos, and attend to the way we see and be seen in Interrupted Dream.


    Director Danny Yung

  • Design and Production Team


    Production Manager: Chow Chun Yin
    Deputy Stage Manager: Zeta Chan
    Video Operator: Johnny Sze
    Assistant Stage Manager: Chan On Ki, Megan Hung
    Wardrobe: Bonnie Chan
    Stage Crew: Kenneth Chan, Chim Man Lung


    Rehearsal Master: Megan Hung
    Creative Assistant: Dan Tse, Wu Zonglun


    Graphic Design: Lee Ken Tsai
    Graphic Design Assistant: Coco Cheung
    Promotion Video Production: Ricky Cheng


    Video Documentation: Dino+Hayman@Singular
    Photography: Cheung Chi Wai, Vic Shing


    Stage Intern: Crystal Pang, Issac Chan
    Video Documentation Intern: Wong Yu Tak, Yan Tsz Long

  • Video Footage, Music, Traditional Masks Production


    Video Footage

    In Search of New China by John Wong (2019)
    (Zuni’s Experimental Theatre Restructuring Images Series
    Original Director/ Concept: Danny Yung)



    Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: No. 1 Prélude
    Composed by Jean-Philippe Rameau

    Sheep on the Slope in Interrupted Dream
    Vocal: Shen Yili (Shanghai)

    Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major
    Composed by: Ludwig van Beethoven

    Vocal: Carrie Koo
    Music: Joseph Koo
    Lyrics: Doe Ching


    Traditional Masks Production

    Pak Supono (Yogyakarta)

  • Programme & Marketing


    International Exchange Director: Wong Yuewai
    Company Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
    Company Manager (Programme): Doris Kan
    Public Relations Manager: Luka Wong
    Programme Manager: Ho Yin-Hei
    Assistant Programme Manager: Ricky Cheng
    Programme and Art Administration Trainee: Stephy Yeung

  • Academic Support


  • Acknowledgement


    Didik Nini Thowok

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  • Terms and Conditions


    Running time approximately 80 minutes with no intermission
    No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
    In line with disease prevention and control measures, and to ensure the safety of the public, audience and staff members, hygiene measures are enhanced at performance venues. Entrance guideline and special seat arrangement might adjust according to the latest situation, please pay attention to the latest update. We appologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, vary advertised programmes, and/or terminate the programme without prior notice.