Countryside Cultural Innovation Project - Lai Chi Wo Children Play Theatre

Lai Chi WOW!

  • Play Theatre

    2022.12.3-4 (Sat-Sun)
    10:45 / 11:30 / 12:15 / 13:45 / 14:30

    30-Minute Session
    Best for ages 5 and above
  • Playground

    Open from 2022.12.3 to 2023.1.16

Countryside Cultural Innovation Project - Lai Chi Wo Children Play Theatre

Lai Chi WOW!

Play Theatre


Children Play Theatre at Lai Chi Wo, funded by the Environmental Protection Department’s Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme. Zuni curates a play theatre with Arts Tech comprising immersive sound and projections. With playful setups and songs, Zuni introduces the history, agriculture customs, the 24 traditional climatic celebrations, Lai Chi Wo’s ecology and the process of re-cultivation. Our “Four Mascots of Lai Chi Wo”, the Orange-tailed Midget (dragonfly), Plain Hedge Blue (butterfly), Chinese Bullfrog (frog) and Rice Fish would be gather together to understand the rural area, its crops and its environment.




The traditional “Bamboo Scaffolding” structure with new design and technology, would be revitalised as a playground for public enjoyment!


*Aerial photograph in the cover provided by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

  • Creative Team


    • Curator & Director

      Mathias Woo

    • Play Theatre Designer

      Wallace ChangMathias Woo

    • Visuals

      Lai Tat Tat Wing

    • Music

      Cedric ChanEdgar HungYu Yat Yiu

    • Performers

      Carson ChungSobi SoLuka WongDavid YeungZachary Pink Yung

  • Playground


    Open from 2022.12.3 to 2023.1.16

  • Play Theatre


    Details & Application

    Running time of the Play Theatre is approximately 30 minutes

    The performance will be conducted in Cantonese. English surtitles are not available.

    The Play Theatre is mainly designed for children aged 5 or above. Children must be accompanied by adult family member(s). Each adult family member could accompany a maximum of two children. Each applicant could apply one session only. Applicants with duplicated applications will be disqualified without prior notice.


    The Play Theatre is free-of-charge but ferry fares/ reservation fee is required for registration. Limited quota on a first come, first served basis.

    Fares*: HK$90 per person (Same price for adults and children, including same day round-trip ferry ticket from Ma Liu Shui and Lai Chi Wo).

    If participants arrange their own transport to Lai Chi Wo, they are also required to pay for a $90 reservation fee first. Please contact Zuni in advance, then full refund will be given after attending the event.



    Ticket collection: 8:15 a.m.

    Boarding time: 8:30-9:00 a.m.

    Departure time: 9:00 a.m. (Ferry departs on time. No latecomers will be entertained)

    Location: Ma Liu Shui Pier (15 minutes walk from Exit B of the University Station of East Rail Line, or take bus routes 272A/ 272K)



    Departure time: 3:30pm/ 4:30pm (Not selectable when making the registration. Please line up at the pier to get on the ferry.)

    Location: Lai Chi Wo Pier


    The ferry ride is approximately 90 minutes. Both seating and standees are available. Seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please line up for boarding according to the instructions.


    All activities would be held outdoor. Please prepare mentally and physically to enjoy your day in the countryside.

    Other activity

    On 3-4 December, other than the Lai Chi WOW! Play Theatre, the Village Festival also take place in Lai Chi Wo. There will be events about eco-friendly farming and a Farmer’s Market for Lai Chi Wo visitors. The Village Festival is organised by Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave. Please refer their website for further information.

    • Village Festival photo provided by Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave
    • Village Festival photo provided by Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave
    • Village Festival photo provided by Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave
    • Village Festival photo provided by Management Agreement Scheme at Lai Chi Wo Enclave
  • Transportation


    Lying far from roads, Lai Chi Wo can be reached by ferry, by hiking, or joining local tours.

    For Lai Chi WOW! Play Theatre participants, please refer to “Details & Application” above for the transportation arrangement on 2-3 Dec.

    By Ferry


    Ma Liu Shui Pier


    On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, public ferry is available from Ma Liu Shui Landing No. 3 to Lai Chi Wo.


    Departure From Ma Liu Shui: 9:00 a.m.
    (The ferry departs on time, please do spare some time to line up and get on board!)

    Departure From Lai Chi Wo: 3:30 p.m.
    (To avoid causing any inconvenience to other passengers, please save time returning to the pier)

    Journey time: about 90 minutes


    Ma Liu Shui Landing No. 3 is a 15-minute walk from the University MTR Station.


    To visit, take Exit B at University MTR Station. Turn left, go straight ahead and you will see a public toilet and the University Station Cycling Entry/Exit Hub. There is signage all the way to the destination. Walk along the footbridge to the tunnel sign and use the stairs or lift to reach the ground floor. After coming out of tunnel, cross the road. Face towards the same direction and walk through the green path. Enter the tunnel with blue roof. Turn left and go forward. Follow the instruction and climb up the stairs on the right hand side. Keep walking until you arrive Ma Liu Shui Landing No. 3.


    Families travelling with children could consider taking bus route 272A or 272K.

    Other Piers


    You can visit Lai Chi Wo by the recently piloted water bus on weekdays and have fun in the Lai Chi WOW! Playground. It is available from Sam Mun Tsai and Ma On Shan to Lai Chi Wo. The journey time is 2 hours and 10 minutes from Sam Mun Tsai Village Pier and 1 hour and 40 minutes from Sha Tin Area 77 Landing (in Ma On Shan) respectively.


    Departure from Sam Mun Tsai Village Pier: 8:30 a.m.

    Departure from Sha Tin Area 77 Landing: 9:00 a.m.

    (The ferry departs on time, please do spare some time to line up and get on board!)

    Departure From Lai Chi Wo: 3:30 p.m.

    (To avoid causing any inconvenience to other passengers, please save time returning to the pier)

    Fare (Roundtrip): HK$ 80.0/person

    By Hiking


    If you are a hiker, you could definitely hike to Lai Chi Wo, you can take the 20R minibus at Tai Po Market MTR Station and head to Wu Kau Tang (烏蛟騰) where the hike starts. The trail then takes you through the village of Sam A Tsuen (三椏村) towards Lai Chi Wo (荔枝窩). It takes around 2.5 hours.


    Leaving Lai Chi Wo, continuing on the Nature Trail will take you to the endpoint at Luk Keng (鹿頸). There you will find other transportation to get back into town.

    Local Tours


    You can also join local tours for a ferry ride from Sha Tau Kok Public Pier to Lai Chi Wo which takes approximately 20 minutes. As Sha Tau Kok begins to open gradually, Lai Chi Wo is much more accessible.

    For details of local tours, please visit the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong website, or contact the travel agencies directly.

  • Notes to Participants


    Points to note

    Lai Chi WOW! would be held outdoors. Please make sure you and your kids are fit for the event. Follow our instructions during the event. Stay alert and pay attention to safety.


    When Staying Outdoor…

    You are recommended to wear proper sportswear and comfortable shoes. If necessary, bring along rain gear, wet towel, medicines/ first aid supplies, warm/ spare clothing, sunscreen and mosquito repellent.


    Prepare enough snacks and drinks to replenish physical strength. Do not drink raw, untreated water.


    Sunburn protection is as important as staying warm in winter. Wear sun hats and apply sunscreen lotion under strong sunlight.

    To avoid mosquito bites, wear light-coloured and long-sleeved clothes and trousers, as well as using insect repellent containing lower concentration of DEET. Apply itch relief cream if biten.


    If feeling unwell…

    You’re encouraged to stay home if you feel unwell. Please make sure you and your kids are fit for outdoor activities.


    To prevent motion sickness, take light meals before boarding the ferry. If necessary, take anti-seasickness medicine as prescribed or according to manufacturer’s instructions. Lie down could also alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness.


    In the event of an injury, stay calm and perform simple first aid treatment. First aid service is available on 3-4 Dec. Please contact our staff for assistance if necessary.


    More points to note

    Lai Chi Wo is a vast open space. Take care of your children at all times to prevent being separated or even accidents from happening. If your children got lost, seek help from staff.


    Always take care of your own personal belongings and personal safety.


    Please cherish our nature. Do not pick or damage plants. Do not litter. To help protecting our environment, you are encouraged to carry your own bottles and utensils, and take your litter home.


    We wish you a nice day in Lai Chi Wo!

  • Arrangements during pandemic / severe weather


    If the event is cancelled by Zuni, the paid ferry fee will be refundable. No refunds will be given for absent participants due to any personal reasons.


    Please pay attention to Zuni’s website and social media to the latest event update in response to the epidemic or severe weather (No. 3 or above of Tropical Cyclone/Rainstorm Warning Signal). We will also notify participants by email.


    Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to alter or amend any part of the event and the rights of final decision in case of disputes.

  • Online Resources


    AR Tour Guide App

    The mobile app takes you on a self-guided tour around Lai Chi Wo, appreciating the natural ecology through Augmented Reality (AR) technology.


    Download at iOS app store


    Download at Google play store


    Lai Chi WOW! Online Videos

    Before paying a visit to the Lai Chi WOW! Playground, you could enjoy the four clips with original nurseries, to have a basic understanding of the village history and ecological conservation of Lai Chi Wo.



    1. Lai Chi WOW

    Lai Chi Wo is a more than 300 years old Hakka village. In the past, many lychee (“Lai Chi” in Cantonese) trees were planted in Lai Chi Wo. It has three sides of mountains and one side facing the sea like a nest (“Wo” in Cantonese), thus is named “Lai Chi Wo”. It cultures a diversity of species in its various ecosystems. Four protected species at Lai Chi Wo are our “Four Mascots of Lai Chi Wo”. Watch the video to know more about them!


    Hello Four Mascots!


    2. Lai Chi Wo and The Twenty-four Solar Terms

    Lai Chi Wo used to be a farming Hakka village. The yield of crops directly affected the quality of life of the villagers. Bad weather leads to bad harvest. Without an observatory, farmers were not informed about the weather changes. After years of farming and observing, farmers discovered the pattern of seasons and weather changes. Combining their observations with the routines of the sun and moon, farmers divided a year into twenty-four equal periods, the twenty-four solar terms were created. The solar terms also guided farmers in Lai Chi Wo, crops thrived, animals live happily in Lai Chi Wo.


    Zuni created a song about the twenty-four solar terms, let’s sing together!


    Knowing The Twenty-four Solar Terms


    3. Tetralogy of Rice

    From abandoned farmlands to thriving crops, from desolation to bustle, Lai Chi Wo has a long farming history, with rice being one of the popular crops. Rice has been an important source of life since ancient society. However, how much do you know about rice? Here are a few fun facts about rice!


    Being Friends With Rice


    4. Let’s Farm Together Lai Chi WOW

    Located in Northeastern New Territories, Lai Chi Wo used to be an agricultural village. Due to urbanization in the sixties and seventies, villagers started moving into the city, leaving the village dwindling. With the support of various groups, Lai Chi Wo started its revitalization process in 2013. In the last few years, deserted farmland has been reconverted.


    Explore Lai Chi Wo


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