Yu Yat Yiu

Yu Yat-yiu graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, with a major in Geography and a minor in Music. He has been a song-writer, author of lyrics, arranger and record producer for Canto- and Mando-pop music since 1996. He made his debut with a song he wrote for Miriam Yeung titled "Goodbye, Ni-chōme". In 1999, he joined Anthony Wong and a few other music-makers, to become one of the founders of indie music production label ‘People Mountain People Sea’. Artists he has collaborated with include Cass Pang, Anita Mui, Anthony Wong, Miriam Yeung, Gigi Leung and Alfred Hui. He has been nominated twice at the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Original Score he did for films titled "Hold You Tight" and "Prince of Tears" respectively. On the other hand, a Canto pop number "Wanna Be", which he co-produced with Arai Soichiro and Eman Lam, won “CASH Best Song Award” at CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2012. Yu has published seven books on culinary culture since he started writing articles on food phenomenons in 2006. Other publications include various interviews he did with influential music-makers in Hong Kong. He is a regular contributor and columnist in local media such as MilkX and am730.