Ke Jun

National Class One Performer of China in wusheng (martial arts) role, and wenwu laosheng (old male of both civil and martial arts) role.

General Manager of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, representative of the National People's Congress, and national first-class actor. Skilled in martial arts roles and in civil and martial arts old male roles. Trained under Zheng Chuanjian, Zhang Jinlong, Zhou Chuanying, and Bao Chuanduo, he excels in performing in traditional plays such as Flee by Night, among others.

In recent years, he has devoted himself to exploring and experimenting with Kunqu opera, creating works which have garnered significant attention in the theatre scene both nationally and internationally. He has participated in experimental theatre projects by Zuni Icosahedron including Tang Xianzu’s Dream on Dreams and One Table Two Chairs.

He has been honoured with the top award of the Chinese Theatre Plum Blossom Award, the Wenhua Prize by the Ministry of Culture, among other titles and has been invited for artistic exchanges in various places around the world.