Poetry Images Theatre: We, Symbols All Poetry Images Theatre: We, Symbols All Poetry Images Theatre: We, Symbols All

Poetry Images Theatre: We, Symbols All

Performer: Rebecca Yip

Poem/Director: Mathias Woo
Performer: Rebecca Yip
English Translation: Diana Liao

  • We, Symbols All

    We, Symbols all
    Symbols in a world of symbols
    A role, an image
    A barter, a bargain
    1 + 0's 0 + 1
    1 + 1 = Total
    0 + 1 = Total
    I am you I am he I am she
    I am we and they
    I am the world the world is I
    I am I am I
    The world has no one but me
    In life, anything goes
    Anything, o yes anything
    Anything goes
    Ideal is a string of words
    A series of slogans
    Five sayings four epithets
    We are the world
    We sing
    We run
    We jump
    We walk
    Step by step
    On the high-rise
    Under the open sea
    We are water we are fire
    We are mountain we are wind
    That moment
    That scene
    That laugh
    That sight
    A patch of blue
    Blue patches are now a flash of pale white memory

    Game over in a flash Let there be light
    Politics of politics
    Politics for politics
    Play of symbols
    Play of words
    Words and speech morphed into weapons
    Constantly wrecking
    Constantly regrouping
    Making the world a better place
    A better place
    Gentle as wind and water
    Brilliant as the shining moon
    To destroy is to rebuild
    The world on its head
    The world on its feet
    No law no heaven
    For the people
    New world old world
    Heroes, anti-heroes
    Genius, morons
    Without 100 years of solitude
    Nor one thousand / ten thousand years
    Ten thousand ten thousand years

    I want it now
    River of no return upload download
    Smart start
    The post post post post modern world of 0+1
    The no and no of right and wrong
    One second is too much
    I want it now
    Spring flowers autumn moon wind flower talk to moon
    Lust and hope
    Note and keep
    Way and truth
    Life and death

    What we know and feel
    How we laugh and cry
    Our despair
    And our tears
    Have all become...
    Storylines and screen images

    Voices and roaring fires
    Nothing has anything real
    Nor anything has anything fake
    Images after images
    Memories over memories
    Illusions on illusions
    A whole life during this life
    No snow no rain
    No breeze no falling leaves
    No autumn no winter
    No more...

    You and I
    When the sun turned white
    You sent me a text message
    The moment today's world ends tomorrow
    You and I will be faded shadows
    On the streets that no longer are
    Dark shadows one by one
    Sink into the grey earth
    Step by step you and I
    The time is 7 minutes 7 seconds past 7pm
    You and I before the flash of white light
    Is it the end ending
    Has the past passed
    Yangtze Yellow River Victoria Harbour
    A glass of water
    A puff of white smoke
    How many years, how many fallen leaves
    Wind is blowing, wind is blowing
    Mobile phone is beeping
    I am here I am here
    In Harajuku and on Charing Cross Road
    In the square on Chang An Da Jie
    In the café of existentialists
    When breath is sucked in
    Like the silver river of fading memories
    Gently in gently out
    Light as feather heavy as mountain
    Green on green the bamboo leaves
    White on white the floating clouds
    Two hands
    Two eyes
    Tears flow and sparkle
    For billions of years
    Remnants of blue ballpoint writings erased
    from the yellowing paper of my black notebook
    To Be or Not to Be
    I write therefore I am
    Tunes from the music box
    You've let me taste happiness
    Like a Rolling Stone
    Water red as wine
    Red is the fountain pen
    Floating clouds flowing water
    Fuck you fuck you
    Perfect moment to fly me to the moon
    Years passed more years passed
    We are back we are back
    Back to symbols all
    M for Memory
    N for Nothing
    You see nothing
    Nothing exists
    Wisps of fog in the head
    Bits of memory in the smoke
    Backup in the notebook
    Pitch-dark memory
    Desire empty, empty desire

    Ten thousand year-old rock
    Ten thousand tons of sea water
    Ten thousand gig of hardware
    Ten thousand billion light years
    A blank paper
    A text message
    Do you know?
    Once, once
    I forgot it was day or night
    Black totally black black
    1080107 (resolution)
    Infinite of the infinitely infinite
    Never of the never never
    And so and so and so I reinvented myself again and again
    What stone what water
    Life is this transparent voice
    Never the same
    A drop here a drip there
    Stones that are all called stones
    Like dream like flower like rain like blood
    Bleeding Type AB blood
    A red mass of black
    Splits and merges then splits then merges
    Who am I? You or me or stone
    Puff of smoke
    Sweat from standing on the platform
    Whiff of breath
    The kind of feel I told you about that year
    Nothing forgotten nothing needs forgetting
    It's 9677267727
    It's 1677897677
    It's five dollars twenty cents
    From Hillwood Road Tsim Sha Tsui to Central
    History was that sea, those rocks
    The eyes can see
    I've become a rock
    A symbol
    The world has reached its end
    Copy and Paste
    Forever and ever right
    Forever and ever wrong
    New world new song
    Again and again
    Mountains beyond mountains

    Tallest in the world in the universe
    Pathetic to the highest degree
    The just and the heroic
    Chosen by history
    Terminated by history
    Into a letter
    Into a puff of smoke
    A beautiful puff of smoke
    The hell with your moment
    Drifting and dying, ashes

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