ARTS TECH ABC “Arts Tech Application and Immersive Audio” ARTS TECH ABC “Arts Tech Application and Immersive Audio” ARTS TECH ABC “Arts Tech Application and Immersive Audio”

ARTS TECH ABC “Arts Tech Application and Immersive Audio”

Z Innovation Lab

ARTS TECH ABC “Arts Tech Application and Immersive Audio” (2-day fast track course) provides a broad yet specific introduction of Arts & Tech with illustration of success stories in the industry looking into potential applications on various fronts. In particular, the world leading audio design and system building company, d&b audiotechnik will showcase their latest immersive audio technology packed with practical workshops and local and international cases.

The event is free-of-charge and welcomes all. Priority will be given to The Tao of Fashion ticket holders, & practitioners and students related to Art & Tech industries. Mainly in Cantonese; Overseas case and Keynote will be conducted in English; No simultaneous interpretation service provided

Co-presented by Zuni Icosahedron, d&b audiotechnik, Department of Information Technology, HKIVE and Hong Kong Design Institute.

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    DAY 1 Session #1: Arts Tech+ Smart Cities?

    Speakers: Ms. Helen So (Lead, Arts & Culture, Our Hong Kong Foundation), Mr. Andre Kwok (Founder and Chairman of the Board, Good City Foundation)


    Helen So led the arts team in generating Hong Kong’s first policy recommendation paper on the topic of ‘arts tech’. Since the launch in 2020, ‘arts tech’ development appeared on the Policy Address and is currently being implemented via new policies specific to furthering the convergence of arts, and technology sectors, spanning across policy arenas such as funding, infrastructural, and capacity building. Based on the groundwork laid from the last Arts Tech report, Helen will in this session, analyse how Arts Tech goes plus (Arts Tech+) – exploring next steps and considerations for Hong Kong, especially as an alleged new cultural bureau loom ahead. Andre Kwok offers a deep dive into how Arts Tech can manifest in the realms of public policy and shares his experience working with the Indonesian government as real-life case study.


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    Arts Innovation | Policy Research Series by Our Hong Kong Foundation

    DAY 1 Session #2: Arts Tech, Creative Industry and Society

    Speakers: Ms. Helen So (Lead, Arts & Culture, Our Hong Kong Foundation), Mr. George Huang (Managing Director, IOIO Creative)


    In this dialogue session, George Huang and Helen So converses about how Arts Tech is applied into modern day life, in the realms of creative processes, public spaces, in education and mass communication generally. To what extent can these Arts Tech applications lead to greater social impacts? To get closer in finding an answer to this question, George speaks about how he uses Arts Tech to solve the transmedia, transdisciplinary work he does, while Helen as facilitator draws relevant insights applicable to Hong Kong while asking the right and relevant questions.


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    DAY 1 Session #3: AI in Art: Redefining Creativity

    Speaker: Dr. Pascale Fung (Professor, Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering, HKUST & Director, the Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAiRE), HKUST)


    During the past few years AI and deep learning has been popularised by availability of Big Data and cheap GPUs allowing machines to automatically learn hierarchical feature representations. AI is used for tasks like speech recognition, computer vision, machine translation, dialog systems or chatbots. But can AI be applied to art? There have been several attempts to use deep learning in computer vision to produce symbolic images such as pictures created by Deep Dream neural network. More recently AI has been used for plot and movie generation or as a part of art installations.


    In this short lecture prof. Pascale Fung will challenge the notion of creativity as a human trait by presenting some of the groundbreaking research on AI and art that was created with collaboration with Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.


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    DAY 1 Session #4: Arts Tech in Theatre (Technical Demo from The Tao of Fashion)

    Speakers: Mr. Mathias Woo (Co-Artistic Director, Zuni Icosahedron & Chief Curator, Z Innovation Lab), Mr. Law Kwok-ho (Deputy Head, Department of Information Technology, HKIVE)


    Theatre comes with “Art” and “Technology”. From lighting with candle in accent times to the high-resolution projection equipment nowadays, the theatre has been a laboratory for Arts Tech. Mathias Woo Arts Tech Fashion Theatre The Tao of Fashion utilises technologies such as motion capture and digital puppet to present an Arts Tech Fashion Show. Speakers will demonstrate the application of art tech in theatre with an excerpt of the show.


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  • DAY 1 Overseas case [Zoom]

    d&b Heritage and Sound Tech – Royal Albert Hall

    Speaker: Mr. Steve Jones (Head of Education & Application Support (EAS), d&b audiotechnik, EMEA), Mr. Simon Kenning (Global Segment Manager Performing Arts, d&b audiotechnik)


    Sound technology acts an important role in modern performing arts venues. How does it work in a historical concert hall? In 2019, the German audio technology company d&b audiotechnik installed a brand-new audio system at London’s Royal Albert Hall constructed in 1871, further improving the audience’s hearing experience. Speakers will share with us online about the entire project.


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  • DAY 2 Session #1: d&b in China and Sound Tech Education

    Speakers: Mr. Daniel Chan (CEO, d&b audiotechnik Greater China), Mr. Chi Wai Chan (Director, Education & Application Support (EAS), d&b audiotechnik Greater China)


    Daniel Chan, CEO of d&b audiotechnik Greater China, and his colleague will introduce the establishment and achievements of the company in China, including in the Greater Bay Area. They will also share their insights on education for sound future and sustainability.


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    DAY 2 Session #2: Introduction to Sound Simulation Software

    Speaker: Mr. Kelvin Yuen (Senior Engineer & Service Manager (EAS), d&b audiotechnik Greater China)


    The speaker will introduce how software helps sound design simulation and point out which elements can advance art piece presentation. The session will also include the comparison between continuity and performance.


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    DAY 2 Session #3: New Trend Wireless Microphone Technology

    Speaker: Mr. Andy Fong (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Shure Asia Limited)


    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5G… acoustic transmission keeps up with the ever-changing technology, and different technologies have their own advantages. Andy from Shure, an audio equipment company, will introduce related technologies and new trends in the development of wireless microphones, as well as the application of stage microphones under the new trends.


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    DAY 2 Session #4: Immersive Sound Technology

    Speaker: Mr. Chi Wai Chan (Director, Education & Application Support (EAS), d&b audiotechnik Greater China), Mr. Yu Yat Yiu (Music Director of The Tao of Fashion)


    From mono to stereo, sound localization has always been a subject of stage sound design. Speakers will introduce how the Soundscape system allows sound designers and audiences to create and experience an immersive sound experience; the session will also introduce software applications, including En-Scene (sound object position) with listening experience and En-Space (acoustic room emulation) with listening experience; and the comparison between Soundscape and Stereo, immersive and surround, etc.


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  • DAY 2 Keynote [Zoom]: The Future of Audio Space

    Speaker: Mr. Tateo Nakajima (Arup Fellow, Arts, Culture & Entertainment)


    From theatres to concert halls, pop entertainment venues to visual realities, audio is critical to experience. As audiovisual technology continues to advance, users are able to be more deeply immersed in experiences than ever before. Mr. Tateo Nakajima, an Arup Fellow, an internationally recognized leader in design and planning of cultural venues and developments, a conductor and violinist, with his experience of working with major artists and arts organisations, including the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Poland, Tateo and his colleagues will share the insights on the trend of audio space.


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