Music Theatre

Gu Long’s Death Duel

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • 2023.11.17 (Fri) 8:15pm
    2023.11.18 (Sat) 8:15pm
    2023.11.24 (Fri) 3pm、8:15pm
    2023.11.25 (Sat) 8:15pm

  • Standard: $380/$280
    Local full-time student: $100
    Aged over 60: $190/$140
    Aged over 80: $10
    Other discounts^

  • Trailer

Music Theatre

Gu Long’s Death Duel

Death Duel – Gu Long’s esteemed Wuxia classics

Adapted into a music theatre for the first time


The Jianghu is a training ground formed by betrayal, desire, interest, and power. In between truths and lies, hard fists and brains, people find their own paths of growth.


When in the Jianghu, never cease to fight! Seven characters; seven battles.


Ⓒ Gu Long, with authorization from Tencent Animation and Comics

Presented and produced by Zuni Icosahedron

This new work is commissioned by Zuni Icosahedron in 2023 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund

  • Creative Team


    • Original Novel

      Gu Long

    • Playwright, Director

      Mathias Woo

    • Styling, Art Direction

      Man Lim-chung

    • Music Director

      Yu Yat Yiu

    • Lyrics

      Cedric Chan

    • Leading Performer

      John Jr Chiang

    • Performers

      Kang Bo-nengCK LiuMaha MaTecki NgSobi SoRay TangDavid Yeung

    • Video

      Benny Woo

  • Original theme songs


    Episode 1 - "劍/死"

    Composer & Music Director: Yu Yat-yiu / Lyrics: Cedric Chan / Arrangements & Mixing: Kairos Sou / Vocal: Jeffero Chan

    Episode 2 - "死"

    Composer: Delta T,  Kairos Sou / Lyrics: Delta T/ Arrangements: Kairos Sou, Yu Yat-yiu / Producer: Yu Yat-yiu, Delta T / Vocal: CK Liu

  • Seven characters; seven battles


    One fight so that he can finally quit

    Xie Shao-feng, also known as “The First Sword”, chooses to live a humble life. But he couldn’t hide from the entangled family conflicts, love and hatred, and duels of swordsmen from all walks of life.

    One fight for his title

    Yen Shi-san, known for his thirteen fatal sword moves. Obsessed with swordsmanship, he vowed to contest Xie Shao-feng for the number one title with his much-feared thirteenth and fifteenth sword moves.

    One fight for lust 

    The head of the “Heavenly Grace” Clan, Mu-Yung Chiu-Ti. Abandoned by Xie Shao-feng twice, her love turned into hatred which drove him to pursue and try killing Xie. She tutored Yen Shi-san, bribed Li Zhen-zhen and other swordsmen to expand her power.

    One fight for desire

    A nomad in the Jianghu. Or rather, a crow. Eerie and discreet, he observes on the rim and never leaves a trace. He collects swords that kill at a duel.

    One fight for honour

    Tie Kai-cheng, the head of the “Red Flag Guardians” and the only heir to Yen Shi-san’s art of sword. With his troops destroyed, he duels Xie Shao-feng to defend his honour. In the process, he created the fourteenth sword move.

    One fight for fame

    Li Zhen-zhen, known as “Rakshasas the Supernatural”. Rose to fame in the “Emei” Clan within a few years. In order to ascend to the throne of the leader of “Mount Tai”, he joined forces with the “Seven Swordsmen” to fight against the “Heavenly Grace”, and even came to challenge Master Xie.

    One fight for pride

    Hua Shao-kun, Master Xie’s uncle. Enduring humiliation and practicing hard for twenty years, he challenged the third young master again with a primitive weapon—a wooden stick, in order to avenge his defeat.

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  • Terms and Conditions


    Running time approximately 100 minutes

    No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance

    Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/ or vary advertised programmes and seating arrangements