Yeung Kin Ping

Naamyam artist, Cantonese opera lead musician, double major in Huqin at the HKAPA

A graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Bachelor's degree in Music, Yeung studied under Yu Qiwei and Zhang Zhongxue, double majoring in gaohu and erhu. During the study period, he was the recipient of Cecil Leong Scholarships and K.K. Chak Memorial Scholarship. He began learning huqin from Hu Zhaoxuan at a young age, and has collaborated with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra on four occasions as a solo huqin performer. Currently he is a regular musician with the Bamboo Melodies Ensemble.

Yang has been studying Cantonese opera art since childhood, training in percussion accompaniment (for Cantonese opera) under Zeng Jianwen. At fourteen, Yang became one of the youngest music directors (head of the musical ensemble) in Cantonese opera in Hong Kong and was invited by the Ministry of Culture of China to participate in the National Traditional Opera Showcase in Beijing as a music director.

In recent years, Yang has been actively promoting the art of Naamyam (a form of narrative singing), writing and performing pieces such as A Brief Talk on Nanyin, Wu Yue Tian, and Hua-Yen Buddhaverse, commissioned by Zuni Icosahedron. In 2021, Yang, together with four young musicians, founded the Cantonese music ensemble TroVessional. The group was the winner of the Gold Award in the ensemble and chamber music professional group at the 3rd Nanyang International Music Competition. They have held three concerts both locally and internationally.