Tecki Ng

An actor in movies and TV dramas, currently an artiste of Shaw Brothers Pictures International, while working as an advertising model. He has various interests and hobbies such as sports, driving, and travelling.

Tecki has participated in advertising campaigns for multiple brands including BMW, Durex, Lee Kin Driving Academy, Overseas Property Investment, RENT SMART, and My TV Gold, and more

He has starred in many movies such as Stuntman, The Goldfinger, P Storm, The White Storm 2: Drug Lord, Shock Wave, Shock Wave 2, Raging Fire, Anita, The Invincible Dragon, Members Only, etc. and performed stunts for Donnie Yen Chi-Tan in Chasing the Dragon.

He is also active in the local TV drama industry and the dramas he participated in include Lo and Behold, Story of Zom-B, Shadow of Justice, Sinister Beings, Final Destiny, Take Two, Battle Of The Seven Sisters, Fraudstars, The Ringmaster, Freedom Memories, Kids' Lives Matter, The Line Watchers, The Kwoks And What, Return of the Cuckoo, Stranger Anniversary, Hello Misfortune, Mission Run, etc.