So Cho Yan (Sobi / Giselle)

Cho-Yan graduated at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts(HKAPA) with a Bachelor’s Degree of Drama, Major in Acting. Since 2021, she has performed in Zuni’s HK: A Theatre of Life and Death, The Tao of Fashion, 13.67, and Gu Long’s Death Duel.

She is an enthusiastic performer who performs internationally such as China•Luohu International Youth Drama Month who performs "Cricket in My Life" in 2016, Musical "Spring Awakening" (perform at Shanghai Theatre Academy) and "Dust and Dawn" (perform at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) both in 2018.

She has won different awards such as a TV show - EEG New Talent Singing Championship (First runner-up) in 2014, I Love Canto-pop Singing Contest (Second runner-up) in 2018 and Zerious Music Singing Contest (Champion) in 2018 who also won a solo mini concert.