Ray Tang

Previously studied physical performance at the Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio and Théâtre de la Feuille. He became one of the participants in Open Research Week run by the Unlock Dancing Plaza, where he learned and practised artistic creation, and received funding to publish his second work. Ray has also studied Japanese Butoh with Vinci Mok. Recent performances and creations include: I Did Not Dance at Central IFC created for the Choreographer Training Programme 2023 run by CCDC; Butoh performed at the First Hong Kong International Inclusive Dance Festival organised by Centre for Community Cultural Development; collaborated with 8/F Platform x Arts Voyager on Shimmer as a dancer; Black Cloth Falls, She Lifts the Child Over the Blind created and presented as part of Unlock Body Lab, Talk Show During the Performance, and Quills by Pants Theatre Productions.

His future exploration includes Butoh, contemporary dance, street dance, mime, various ways to play with body movements, and how to possess a mind of insanity.