Lyu Ting-an

Actor of Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre. Lyu graduated from the Jiangsu Provincial Drama School in 2021, majoring in the Martial role (Wusheng) of Kunqu Opera. He has followed the tutor's suit of Bai Dongmin, Zhao Rongjia, Wu Liangliang, Yang Qianli, etc. In 2023, he was selected into Jiangsu's "Master and Apprentice Program" and studied under the renowned Kunqu Opera artist Ke Jun.

Repertoire including: "Flee by Night", "Fushan", "Fighting the Sword", "Little Shang River", "Eight Immortals Crossing The Sea", "The Border Outpost", "The Outcast General" (The Pulley), etc. Lyu has received awards from the 2021 National Vocational Skills Competition (First prize in the Chinese Opera Company Competition), 2020 Huang Xiaoci Cup (Top Ten Emerging Artist Award) and 2019 Jiangsu Vocational Skills Competition (Silver Award in Chinese Opera Category).