He Xin Yue

Outstanding young performer in the guimendan (young female lead) role from the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera Theatre

She is recognized as the fifth generation of outstanding young actors in this theatre, primarily focused on Guimendan (young female roles). In 2015, she was admitted to the Kunqu department of Jiangsu Provincial Drama School, studying the Liudan (the six orthodox female roles in Kunqu Opera), under the tutelage of Sun Yijun, Cong Haiyan, and Gu Yu, before later focusing on Guimendan roles under the guidance of Kong Aiping and Cai Chencheng. In 2022, she became a disciple of Kong Aiping, a winner of the Plum Blossom Award and a renowned Kunqu performing artist.

Her awards include: the Gold Medal at the National Vocational College Skills Competition 2019, the Huang Xiaoci Drama New Talent Award 2020, and the first-prize winner of the Small Orchid Award from the Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Kunqu Theatre in 2023.