Zuni Ticketing Platform – A Step-by-step Guide Zuni Ticketing Platform – A Step-by-step Guide Zuni Ticketing Platform – A Step-by-step Guide

Zuni Ticketing Platform – A Step-by-step Guide

The brand new “Zuni Ticketing Platform” brings to you a more convenient way to buy tickets online anytime, anywhere. Get your tickets now on  https://www.tickets.zuniseason.org.hk/!

  • How to Buy E-Tickets: A Step-by-step Guide

    1. Enter “Zuni Ticketing Platform” and select a programme

    2. Select the date, then the performance session

    3. Choose the ticket type and enter the quantity, then click “Show Price”

    4. Pass the “I’m not a robot” test according to the instructions

  • 5. Select your seat: Enlarge the seating plan by clicking the seating plan image or the enlarge button; then, click on the red dot for seat details. Finally, click the “Add” button to select your seat and press “Done”. The grey dots are seats that cannot be selected. To cancel selected seats, click on the selected red dot(s), then click “remove”.

    6. Enter discount code/ membership code to enjoy discounts (if applicable). Then click “Buy Now”

  • 7. Within the time limit, log into your account or register a new account by filling the fields. After registering for a new account, the system will send a welcome email to you.

  • 8. Select a payment method

    9. Double check the performance details, number of tickets and the ticket types, then click “Buy tickets” and follow the payment instructions within the time limit.

    10. After purchasing the tickets successfully, the system will send the e-tickets to the designated email address. Each QR code on the e-ticket can only admit one audience.

    11. Audience who has bought the tickets can log into the Zuni Ticketing Platform and download the e-tickets in “My Tickets”.

  • Points to Note

    *If the order is not completed within the time limit, the system will release the tickets to other users. Please make your order again.


    *For frequently asked questions on buying and using e-tickets, ticket exchange and more, please click here.