The HOOP in Bauhaus The HOOP in Bauhaus The HOOP in Bauhaus

The HOOP in Bauhaus

BAUHAUS Magic Flute

Interview of Grace Hoop, Choreographer of BAUHAUS Magic Flute. first published on Hong Kong Economic Journal Bloggers. Full article in Chinese.

  • In BAUHAUS Magic Flute – which will be presented this summer – the hoop is the essential “circle” element. “Circle is one of the important elements in Bauhaus design. I always say that this infinite circle has no limits and is able to fuse into any art form. Apart from the circle, other basic shapes used in Bauhaus design include triangle and square, so we created hoops in different shapes to experiment with different possibilities,” Grace Hoop, choreographer of the show, stepped onto the stage because of these hoops.

  • Grace Hoop fell in love with hoop dance because of its flexibility and its idea of liberating every part of the body, “any physical movements can be combined with the hoop – there’s no boundary. Because of that, every hoop dancer (a.k.a. Flowmies) can build their own style.” “Every movement is rooted in the heart. Body and mind feel incredibly free. This is called the state of flow, or in the zone – what flowmies yearn for the most.”

    Written by Ivan Wong
    First published on Hong Kong Economic Journal Bloggers

  • Grace Hoop
    Spans between morden juggling, multimedia theatre and arts education.
    Grace’s hoop dance is a form of free movement to discover the body’ consciousness and freedom.

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