“Hong Kong Song Book” Series: Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert (2020) “Hong Kong Song Book” Series: Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert (2020) “Hong Kong Song Book” Series: Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert (2020)

“Hong Kong Song Book” Series: Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert (2020)

Season 2020 Playback


20-21.11.2020 8:15pm

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

  • There is no future no past
    Your first love won’t be your last
    First love don’t last oh no it won’t last
    But it’s worthwhile remembering when
    —-〈First Love〉 Danny Chan


    As Danny Chan’s best-known songs, Ripples, Dating with Danny, Sunrise and First Love, break the silence in the dark Grand Theatre, the audience soon gets carried away by the live band’s music. Sunshine, raincoat, dragonfly, ripples… The Lyrics carry thoughts and minds away to a Hong Kong of bygone years that was once deeply romantic.


    What is romance? Is it the same as love? Is it equated with the Romantic Movement that took hold of Europe and influenced philosophy, literature, music, art and creativity in the 19th century? Danny has his sorrow, his politeness, beauty, talent, melancholy, inspiring the indie band Gayamyan and their unlimited stage. Back to romance, but not confined to the Romantic Movement attributes of individuality, imagination, innocence and fervour, but also back to the Hong Kong romantic classics of the 1980s and 1990s – from the Job Hunter On Trial to an Autumn’s Tale. Revisit Hong Kong’s romantic past through Gayamyan’s modern interpretation.


    *This programme supports the “2020/21 Arts Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students” presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department



  • Creative Team

    Producer: Mathias Woo


    Music Arrangement and Performance

    Gayamyan Band Members: Cedric Chan (Vocal), Chung Chak Ming (Percussion), Rodney Ma (Guitar)
    Guest Musician: Edgar Hung (Keyboard), Lee Yiu Ki (Bass), Heilam Tsui (Vocal/ Chorus)


    Performer: Carson Chung
    Script & Research: Carson Chung, Seamus Li

  • Production Team

    Lighting Designer: Mak Kok Fai
    Video Designers: Rodney Ma, Johnny Sze
    Sound Designer: Tsang Siu Hong
    Costume Designer: Twinny Cheng


    Production & Stage Manger: Chow Chun Yin
    Deputy Stage Manager: Zeta Chan
    Assistant Stage Manager: Onki Chan
    Rehearsal Master: Charmaine Cheng
    Monitor-Mixing Engineering: Yeung Tsz Ching
    Make-up: Billie Siu
    Hair: Lam Sai Choy Ricky
    Wardrobe: Bonnie Chan
    Stage Crews: Kenneth Chan, Ray Chan, Chim Man Lung, Tse Man Kuen
    Backstage Interns: Chan Yuen Yee, Kong Siu Kit, Li Tsz Nang, Wu Yi Wen

  • Admin & Marketing

    International Exchange Director: Wong Yuewai
    Company Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
    Senior Programme Manager: Bowie Chow
    Public Relations Manager: Luka Wong
    Programme Manager: Ho Yin-Hei
    Assistant Programme Manager: Ricky Cheng
    Programme and Art Administration Trainees: Megan Hung, Stephy Yeung


    Art Direction (Graphic):Chan Fai Hung@MoNiChengShi
    Photography: Sunny Wong
    Calligraphy: Siu Wong
    Graphic Design Assistant: Coco Cheung
    Promotional Video: Wyatt Lam, Seamus Li (The host)

  • Acknowledgement

    Peggy Ho

    Jing Wong

    Ivan Wong