Zachary Pink YUNG

Graduated from School of Drama of The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Major in Acting). He was Awarded The Society of APA Local Scholarships, HSBC HKAPA Mainland China Study Programme (The HongKong Bank Foundation) and The Outstanding Actor Award by “Order” in 2014-15.

School Productions: “Macbeth”, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, “80K”.

He participated in Zuni’s performances, including, “Lai Chi WOW!“, "Hua-yen Concert", “Hua-yen Buddhaverse” and “Soundscape Magic Flute” in 2022; “HK: A Theatre of Life and Death” in 2021.

He was also engaged in “Josie and The Uni Boys + The Flash Back Now Party”, ViuTV's “King Maker Ⅲ”, etc.

Recently, Zachary is actively involved in theatre performances, film and television, advertisement and dubbing.