Yang Yang

National Class Two Performer of China in sheng (young male), wusheng (martial) and laosheng (old male) roles

In 2014, he became a disciple of the renowned Kunqu performing artist Huang Xiaowu. In 2019, he furthered his training under the tutelage of famous Kunqu artist Ke Jun.

He has participated in productions by Zuni Icosahedron, including Danny Yung Experimental theatre Flee by Night, The Spirits Play, Memorandum, The Trial series, and the One Table Two Chairs Experimental Theatre project, among others.

He is currently a member of the Chinese Opera Directors Association and the Jiangsu Provincial Dramatists Association respectively. He graduated from the Advanced Training Director Class of the Opera Art Talent Training Project 2020 (formerly the Thousand Talents Plan) of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. He was selected into the 333 High-level Talent Training Project of Jiangsu Province. Among the accolades he received are the honour being the first-batch recipient of Zijin Outstanding Youth in Culture and Art; the Best Director Award of Good Tune Small Theatre Opera Season; Wenhua Awards of Jiangsu Province; Red Plum Gold Award of the Jiangsu Province Drama Award; the Zijin New Talent Award from the Zijin Jin Kun Art Assembly; and the Suzhou Wenhua Award.