Sunnie S.Y. Lau

Sunnie S.Y. Lau graduated with a B.A in Architecture from University of California, Berkeley; and later on, obtained her Master of Architecture, and Certificate in Urban Design from M.I.T. Sunnie believes that human-centric design promotes inclusive communities with innovative sustainable design strategies and urban designers & architects play important roles within the built environment. By taking up the roles of both practitioner and educator, she has been focuses on topic such as smart city - Inclusive innovation for communities, urban design and technology, urban mobility and smart infrastructure etc. Sunnie has a strong interest in bridging the gap between creative and innovative sustainable design strategies into the design industry and underprivileged communities. The endeavors included publicizing ongoing research topic on Kowloon East Inclusive Innovation & Growth in 2020; design seminars & design thinking workshops for university & secondary students; facilitating dialogue between professionals, academia and young members at various cross disciplinary platforms and institutions.