Li Lite

Li Lite is a percussionist of Kunqu opera and a National Class Three musician. He graduated from the Kunqu Division in Jiangsu Drama School and Nanjing Arts Academy majoring in music arrangement.He has studied under the guidance of Dai Peide, Su Ming and Zhang Jinbao.

He has served as a percussionist in numerous traditional Kunqu opera performances and attained the Outstanding Drummer Award in the 5th Kunqu Opera Art Festival and the Silver Award in Jiangsu Province’s 3rd Red Plum Blossom Instrumental Music Competition. He has acted as percussion director in performances, such as 1699.The Blossom Peach Fan, The Peony Pavilion, Lu Mu Dan and Chang Sheng Dian. In 2017, he was assigned by Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Kun Opera Theatre to participate in the Kunqu orchestra's artistic guidance work at Kunshan Contemporary Kunqu Opera Theatre. From 2018 to 2020, he led the theatre orchestra members in participating in the original Kunqu opera Gu Yanwu and the original adapted opera Wu Tong Rain, serving as a percussionist and conductor, and being one of the core members of the creative team for both productions. In the inheritance of Kunqu opera, he integrates traditional Kunqu opera foundations with contemporary Kunqu opera forms, adding a youthful touch to the future of Kunqu opera art.

He has travelled to Germany, Italy, Singapore, and other countries.