Lam Tsan-tong

Lam Tsan-tong helped founded Wuji Ensemble in 2003 and is currently its concert leader. Lam graduated from the Hong Kong Academy Performing Arts, majoring in Chinese music. She is a seasoned pipa and ruan soloist, having collaborated with choreographers, theatre directors and various arts groups, providing live performances as well as improvisation music. Recent performances included Finland’s Kumho Summer Festival 2016, Hong Kong Dance Company’s Reveries of the Red Chamber and Vipassana, Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Company Opera and Dance Theatre’s Xiangjun-Dream, Wuji Ensemble’s Boundless Groove, and the multi-media music theatre performance To Someone Alike. Apart from performing, Lam is also a music educator as well as a frequent pipa recording artist for TV. Recently, she is active in music meditation activities, hoping to use music from the heart to help audiences find their inner peace.