Heilam Tsui

Heilam has graduated from Leeds Conservatoire (UK) majoring in mezzo-soprano. She also studied at Applied Learning Course in Theatre Arts by the HKAPA, Estill Voice Training® Level 1 & 2 Course, as well as 20/21 Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme Year 1 at Tang Shu-Wing Theatre Studio. She has been active in the music and theatre field for years, with plentiful performing experiences across Asia and Europe. She was a member of the National Youth Choir and National Youth Chamber Choir of Great Britain, and served at Leeds Minster as Choral Scholar.

Heilam is a freelance artist who works in various sectors such as classical and pop singing, conducting, theatre performance, sound arts, mixing, composing and arranging, accompaniment, teaching, journalism, etc. She is on the way to become one who can stay alive as a pure artist.