Dan Tse

Having participated in theatre performance for over 10 years, Dan Tse is now a freelance actor. Graduate at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing of the Baptist University of Hong Kong. Tse was trained in creative drama under the Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association Limited and the Creative Playground, a project organised by Zuni Icosahedron and curated by Danny Yung in 2016. Thereafter, he was awarded Grade 8 Group Drama with Distinction, under the certification of Trinity College London.

Tse has cooperated with Zuni Icosahedron, The Absolutely Fabulous Theatre Connection (AFTEC), and Pants Theatre Production. He also acted in productions by Littlebreath Creative Workshop and Hong Kong Dance Company.

For theatre in education, Tse has worked with Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association Limited, Theatre in the Dark, Merit Minds Workshop, and Addoil Workshop.