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Hua-yen Buddhaverse / Hua-yen Concert

  • Hua-yen Buddhaverse

    2022.10.7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-30 (FRI-SUN) 11am / 5pm / 8pm

    Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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  • Hua-yen Concert

    2022.11.18-19 (FRI-SAT) 8:15pm;
    11.20 (SUN) 3pm

    Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
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  • Hua-yen Buddhaverse - Student Matinee

    2022.10.14 (FRI) 3pm

    Group booking from schools only
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Hua-yen Buddhaverse / Hua-yen Concert

Mindfulness Immersive Experience Hua-yen Buddhaverse


Hua-Yen Sūtra was premiered as a multimedia performance in 2007. Now in 2022, Zuni’s new work Hua-Yen Buddhaverse draws on the latest in Arts Tech using immersive projection to create an immersive experience of the Hua-yen Avatamsaka realm at the Studio Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Seen as an Arts Tech presentation of a spiritual assembly, the multilayered Hua-Yen Buddhaverse is also a journey where audiences take a sensory trip to the Hua-yen Avatamsaka world via the media of sounds and images.


‘The digital world is made up of the digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ upon which an infinite digital world is thus created. The inspiration for the multimedia design of the performance Hua-yen Sutra originates from the concept of ‘One’ and ‘Many’, or ‘Unity’ and ‘Diversity’, in the World of Hua-yen.” Mathias Woo, the Director’s note, Hua-yen Sūtra (2007)


Hua-yen Concert – Reveal Insights of Interbeing through Sounds


At the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, a live concert, Hua-Yen reveals Insights of Interbeing through Sounds. Mind and Light, the key words of Buddhist philosophy, are brought to life by Naamyam – the Cantonese narrative singing performance – reinterpreting the signature theme songs from the theatre series Hua-yen Sūtra: Minds as Skillful Painter, The Ten Directions Are But One Thought, Song of Meditation, etc. Hua-yen offers multiple interpretations of the ancient Siddhaṃ script through a live performance that includes the art forms of singing, chanting, Cantonese Naamyam, and a live band playing Chinese and Western music, giving shape to the Hua-yen Avatamsaka world with a diversity of sounds.


Original Text by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Extracted from The Book “Cultivating the Mind of Love” Parallax Press, 2004

New Vision Arts Festival 2022 Programme

The programme is offered by the Zuni Icosahedron in support of the “New to the Theatre: School Culture Day Scheme 2022/23” presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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