Hua-yen Buddhaverse

  • 2022.10.7-9, 14-16, 21-23, 28-30
    (Fri-Sun) 11am / 5pm / 8pm

    Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
  • Student Matinee

    2022.10.14 (五) 3pm

    Group booking from schools only

Hua-yen Buddhaverse

Mindfulness Immersive Experience Hua-yen Buddhaverse


The new Arts Tech Hua-yen Buddhaverse 2022 is a presentation of pujas with Arts Tech, as well as a journey of Hua-yen through sounds and images. With the use of immersive projection, 3D LED screens and audio, and the specially designed “mindfulness through movement” method, an immersive world of the Hua-yen is created. “Mindfulness through movement” encourages subtle movements such as breathing, eyes and mouth movements among the audience. Combined with the imagery in Venerable Thích Nhất Hạnh’s texts and the chanting of the Hua-yen scripture, it allows the audience to easily achieve a state of balance between the mind and body.


‘The digital world is made up of the digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ upon which an infinite digital world is thus created. The inspiration for the multimedia design of the performance Hua-yen Sutra originates from the concept of ‘One’ and ‘Many’, or ‘Unity’ and ‘Diversity’, in the World of Hua-yen.” Mathias Woo, the Director’s note, Hua-yen Sūtra (2007)


Original Text by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Extracted from The Book “Cultivating the Mind of Love” Parallax Press, 2004

Voice Over by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Extracted from audio recording “The Ultimate Dimension”

New Vision Arts Festival 2022 Programme

The programme is offered by the Zuni Icosahedron in support of the “New to the Theatre: School Culture Day Scheme 2022/23” presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

  • Creative Team


    • Text & Voice Over

      Thích Nhất Hạnh

    • Creative Consultant

      Sik Tsang Chit

    • Director, Arts Tech Installation Design

      Mathias Woo

    • Music Directors

      Cedric ChanYu Yat Yiu

    • Performers

      David YeungZachary Pink Yung

    • Hua-yen Alphabet Chanting (Recording)

      Sik Guo DingSik Yue He

    • Hua-yen Alphabet Calligraphy

      Tong Yang-tze

    • Digital Images

      Dan Fong

    • Naamyam Composition


    • Composer & Vocal

      Yeung Kin Ping

    • Qin Qin

      Ng Bai Shen

    • Xiao

      Fung Kai Sze

  • Hua-yen Sūtra


    The Hua-yen Sūtra has various titles namely Flower Adornment Sutra, Dafangguang fo huayan jing (Pinyin), and AvataMsaka Sūtra (Sanskrit). It is an important Buddhist scripture that narrates the relationship between the mind and the world. The vision expressed in the Hua-yen Sūtra is the foundation upon which the Huayan School of Buddhism in China based their teachings. Believed to be the first Dharma teaching by the Buddha after his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, the Hua-yen Sūtra reveals the inconceivable and infinite worlds of the Buddha, the profound realisation of Dependent Origination, the transformation from mundane to saintly experiences, the various practicing stages of the Bodhisattva path en route to the attainment of Buddhahood. The Sūtra is a Dharma teaching delivered not through the media of languages, sounds of voices. Instead, the Buddha conducted the teaching using the symbol of lights. The lights radiated from his entire body inspired the bodhisattvas, gods and deities who attended the Dharma talk. Then it was elaborated and interpreted by Samantabhadra Bodhisattva via the various media of languages, writings, icons and images.

  • Ten directions in Buddhism [十方]


    The entire universe, all physical space. The phrase ten directions often appears with the phrase three existences, meaning past, present, and future existences.


    “The Buddhas of the ten directions and three existences” thus means all Buddhas throughout space and time.

  • Production Team


    Hua-yen Alphabet Calligraphy: Tong Yang-tze
    Poster Design: Lee Ken-tsai
    Digital Images: Dan Fong
    Lighting Designer: Mak Kwok Fai
    Sound Designer: Yip Wai Shan
    Mindfulness Through Movement Tutor: Theresa Leung
    Creative Coordinator: Charmaine Cheng
    Illustration: Lai Tat Wing
    Photography (Buddha statue): Johnny Au
    Costume: Sing Lo


    Production Manager: Lawrence Lee
    Technical Manager: Chow Chun Yin
    Technical Coordinator / Motion Capture and Digital Puppetr: Johnny Sze


    Stage Manager: Chan Long Yat, Anthony Fong
    Deputy Stage Manager: Zeta Chan
    Assistant Stage Manager: Onki Chan
    Assistant Lighting Designer: Chan Hiu Tung
    Light Board Operator / Stage Crew: Wong Sai Tsun
    Wardrobe: Bonnie Chan
    Sound & Music Editing: Kairos Sou
    Stage Crew: Chim Man Lung
    Technical Assistant: Zhang Mei Ping


    Photography: Ricky Cheng, Apple Lai, William Lee, Franz Lai
    Translation: Moyung Yuk-Lin


    Programme and Admin


    International Exchange Director / Producer: Wong Yuewai
    General Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
    General Manager (Programme): Doris Kan
    Programme Manager: Ho Yin-hei
    PR & Publicity: Luka Wong
    Assistant Programme Manager: Stephy Yeung
    Programme and Art Administration Trainee: Chloe Li, Maggy Pang



    Publicity: Choisy Chu, Regina Ho
    Design: Judy Lee, Carol Mak

  • Ticketing


    Hua-yen Buddhaverse @Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

    Standard: $200

    New middle-aged audiences over 60, disabled people and their caretaker: $100 (50% off)

    Children, local full-time students: $100 (50% off)


    “Mindfulness Arts Tech Theatre” package

    (including 1 full-price ticket for each of Hua-yen Buddhaverse and Hua-yen concert)

    $480 (Original price: $600)


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    Elderlies over 80 can enjoy concessionary tickets at $10

    Schools*, clients of Agency Members of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service* and recipients of the CSSA# can enjoy fully funded tickets


    ^Limited quota on a first-come-first-serve basis; only one type of discount is applicable each time.

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    Technical Partner


    Venerable Sik Wai Leung
    The Hong Kong Buddhist Association

    Media Partners

    Artistic Moments
    Buddhist Compassion

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  • Terms and Conditions


    Running time approximately 70 minutes

    No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance
    As requested by The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, audiences entering performance venues must comply with the requirement of the Vaccine Pass and use the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile app. Please be reminded to arrive earlier for such registration.
    Entrance guidelines and special seat arrangement might adjust according to the latest situation, please pay attention to the latest update from The Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
    Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/ or vary advertised programmes and seating arrangements.