26 plays about Hong Kong people, animals and the wisdom of living and dying

HK: A Theatre of Life and Death

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Theatre

  • 2021.9.4, 7-11 (Sat, Tue-Sat) 8.15pm

  • 9.5 (Sun) 5pm

  • 9.10 (Fri) 3pm

26 plays about Hong Kong people, animals and the wisdom of living and dying

HK: A Theatre of Life and Death

From A to Z, HK: A Theatre of Life and Death plays out 26 scenes of living and dying. From the moment before conception, to the very second of death, and to the afterlife, these 26 stories of Hong Kong people and animals become our choice menu for when facing (or escaping) life and death. A professor, a security guard, a subdivided flats landlord, a cat, a train track, a deck of Tarot cards, a facemask; the future life, the current life, the one before and the one after, reincarnation of cats and dogs; chanting, burning, fortune-telling and channelling; Karma, reincarnation, fetishism and stubbornness; where is the wisdom of living and dying? On the stage called “Hong Kong”, speaking of death is taboo. But when the time comes, we all have to take the bow. Now, who would go up on stage and be embarrassed?

  • Creative Team


    • Director, Script & Design

      Mathias Woo

    • Image Director

      Man Lim-chung

    • Music Directors

      Yu Yat-yiuCedric Chan

    • Video, Trailer Shooting & Production

      Benny Woo

    • Lighting Designer

      Alice Kwong

    • Sound Designer

      Can. Ha

    • Performers

      Cedric ChanJohn Jr ChiangCarson ChungEllen KongLaurie LauSerene LimCK LiuGabriella SoJensen SoSobi SoDan TseDavid YeungZachary Pink Yung

    • "Hong Kong I see" Photographics


  • Scenes


    A. Dr A – He Who Do Not Contemplate Life Will Not Understand Death
    B. Ms B’s Desperate for Babies
    C. No Compromises – the Very Stubborn CEO
    D. Death Panda – the App of Death Delivery
    E. 7 E, the Facemask Reincarnate
    F. Once In a Many Lives’ Time (phantom version), BTF
    G. Where the Heck Is Vet G?
    H. To Eat a Dead Cat On H’s Birthday
    I. iPhone is Dead
    J. Telling the Fortune of J
    K. K Dreamt About Reincarnating Into a Dog
    L. L the Cat From Tin Hau Gives Birth to a Piece of Cha Siu
    M. Architect M Wanna Die with Menstruation
    N. Tuen Ma Line 999
    O. When the Very Astonished Professor Plays the Harmonica…
    P. P’s Spiritual Channelling: When Can We Visit Japan Again?
    Q. Does Q the Subdivided Flats Landlord Go to Heaven or Hell?
    R. R’s Bardo and Tom Yum Soup
    S. WhatsApp and Wo Hop Shek (Public Cemetery)
    T. To Love Somebody…Who Has a 5G Phone
    U. Will U Still Do Cash Payout in Hell Tomorrow?
    V. The Game of Death – by V, the Telford Gardens Security Guard
    W. W Is Chanting Heart Sutra 108 Times
    X. X and His 49 Vaccine Shots
    Y. WHY Burning Papers?
    Z. Chairman Z, the Tarot Cards Who Misses the Mortal Life

  • "We, Symbols All" by Mathias Woo


    We, Symbols All

    Mathias Woo

    Ten thousand years, ten thousand year
    We, Symbols all
    Symbols in a world of symbols
    A role, an image
    A barter, a bargain
    1 + 0’s 0 + 1
    1 + 1 = Total
    0 + 1 = Total
    I am you I am he I am she
    I am we and they
    I am the world the world is I
    I am I am I
    The world has no one but me
    In life, anything goes
    Anything, o yes anything
    Anything goes
    We are the world
    Step by step
    On the high-rise
    Under the open sea
    We are water we are fire
    We are mountain we are wind
    That moment
    That scene
    That laugh
    That sight
    A patch of blue
    Blue patches are now a flash of pale white memory

    Spring flowers autumn moon wind flower talk to moon
    Lust and hope
    Note and keep
    Way and truth
    Life and death


    What we know and feel
    How we laugh and cry
    Our despair
    And our tears
    Have all become…
    Storylines and screen images


    Voices and roaring fires
    Nothing has anything real
    Nor anything has anything fake
    Images after images
    Memories over memories
    Illusions on illusions
    A whole life during this life
    No snow no rain
    No breeze no falling leaves
    No autumn no winter
    No more…


    Let us go then
    You and I
    When the sun turned white
    You sent me a text message
    The moment today’s world ends tomorrow
    You and I will be faded shadows
    On the streets that no longer are
    Dark shadows one by one
    Sink into the grey earth
    Step by step you and I
    The time is 7 minutes 7 seconds past 7pm
    You and I before the flash of white light
    Is it the end ending
    Has the past passed
    How many years, how many fallen leaves
    Wind is blowing, wind is blowing
    Two hands
    Two eyes
    Tears flow and sparkle
    For billions of years
    To Be or Not to Be
    You’ve let me taste happiness
    Perfect moment to fly me to the moon
    Years passed more years passed
    We are back we are back
    Back to symbols all
    M for Memory
    N for Nothing
    You see nothing
    Nothing exists
    Wisps of fog in the head
    Bits of memory in the smoke
    Backup in the notebook
    Pitch-dark memory
    Ten thousand billion light years
    A blank paper
    A text message
    Do you know?
    Once, once
    I forgot it was day or night
    Black totally black black
    Infinite of the infinitely infinite
    Never of the never never
    And so and so and so I reinvented myself again and again
    Life is this transparent voice
    Never the same
    Like dream like flower like rain like blood
    A red mass of black
    Who am I? You or me or stone
    Nothing forgotten nothing needs forgetting
    History was that sea, those rocks
    The eyes can see
    I’ve become a rock
    A symbol
    Into a letter
    Into a puff of smoke
    A beautiful puff of smoke
    Ten thousand years, ten thousand years
    Form Is Emptiness and Emptiness Is Form

  • Music


    HK: A Theatre of Life and Death (Theme Song)

    Producers & Lyrics: Mathias Woo, Cedric Chan
    Music: Cedric Chan
    Arrangement: Step Ip
    Mixing: Edward Chiu@117A Studio


    Opening Theme

    Music and Sound Editing: Yu Yat Yiu


    Classical Music Collage

    Music Editing: Yu Yat Yiu


    Music Materials for Opening Theme and Classical Music Collage

    Suite Bergamasque, L. 75 – 3. Clair De Lune
    Composer: Claude Debussy
    Piano: Alice Sara Ott


    Music Materials for Classical Music Collage

    Gnossiennes – 1 – Lent
    Composer: Erik Satie
    Piano: Alice Sara Ott


    3 Gymnopédies – 1 – Lent et douloureux
    Composer: Erik Satie
    Piano: Alice Sara Ott


    Concerto in D Minor – BWV 974 – II – Adagio
    Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
    Cello: Mischa Maisky
    Piano: Lily Maisky


    When The Wind Blows Again

    Music: Leslie Cheung
    Lyrics: Keith Chan


    Mask Trash

    Original Song: Trash
    Music: Chan Fai Young
    Original Lyrics: Wyman Wong
    Rearranged Lyrics: Cedric Chan


    We Only Live Once – Phantom Version

    Original Song: Phantom
    Music: Violet Lam
    Original Lyrics: Andrew Lam
    Rearranged Music: John Jr Chiang, Cedrc Chan, Sonny Kwong, Yu Yat Yiu
    Rap: John Jr Chiang



    Music and Lyrics: Andrew Lloyd Webber


    Happy Birthday to You

    Written by: Patty Hill, Mildred J. Hill



    Music: Nakazaki Hideya
    Lyrics: Poon Wai Yuen


    Moon River

    Music: Henry Mancini
    Lyrics: Johnny Mercer


    Fly Me to the Moon

    Music and Lyrics: Bart Howard
    Rearranged Lyrics: Cedric Chan (Ringtone)、John Jr Chiang (Rap)、Serene Lim(Mandarin)

    Erhu (Recording) by Ho Yin-hei
    Harmonica (Recording) by Gordon Lee


    Excited about The Opening of The Tuen Ma MTR Line

    Original Song: Greensleeves
    Written by Unknown (English Folk Song)
    Rearranged Lyrics:Law Chit Sum


    Take on Me

    Written by Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar


    Nights Will Never Come Again

    Music: Chan Fai Young
    Lyrics: Lin Xi


    Fall in Love with Someone Who is A 5G Cell Phone

    Original Song:*Fall in Love with Someone Who Doesn’t Come Home, **Dark Sky
    Music: Chen Chih-yuan*, Li Shih Song**
    Original Lyrics: Rachel Ding*, Liao Ying Ru & April**
    Rearranged Lyrics: Cedric Chan


    The Man Burning Offerings

    Performed by Pak Kui Wing

  • Poem


    A Moment of Happiness

    Author: Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī
    Chinese translation: Serene Lim


    A moment of happiness,
    you and I sitting on the verandah,
    apparently two, but one in soul, you and I.
    We feel the flowing water of life here,
    you and I, with the garden’s beauty
    and the birds singing.
    The stars will be watching us,
    and we will show them
    what it is to be a thin crescent moon.
    You and I unselfed, will be together,
    indifferent to idle speculation, you and I.
    The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar
    as we laugh together, you and I.
    In one form upon this earth,
    and in another form in a timeless sweet land.


    My Last Note Before Death

    Author: Serene Lim


    When it comes to death,
    What do you picture in your head?
    Is it Sadness? Guilt? Confusion or Regret?
    Why can’t it be happy?
    I think we can all die happily,
    As long as we learn,
    How to do it gracefully.
    Ever since I was a kid,
    I thought about death.
    Picturing myself
    lying on a deathbed,
    Will I ever feel lonely in a coffin,
    Fear oh fear,
    Of course I fear about death,
    I think we all do, but why don’t we talk about it?
    I first encountered death of someone close to me
    When I was 15,
    He was my grandpa,
    Someone I spent most of my childhood with,
    I remember he was sent home that afternoon,
    After a long battle of terminal lung cancer,
    I was kneeling down beside his bed
    along with my family and relatives,
    Most of them were crying,
    Some were screaming his name,
    I was just there, feeling nothing,
    Not knowing how to feel at all,
    Everything seemed surreal to me,
    It only hit me,
    When I saw my grandma crying and talking to him beside his coffin,
    And i realised,
    Those who stay are usually those who feel the worst pain,
    And that’s why I think it’s essential for us to prepare for death
    Although it seems far away.
    Since the first day we were born,
    We were stepping close to our grave
    day by day.
    It’s just the matter of time,
    We are gonna die one day.
    As we are living, we are dying too.
    Life and death is in one package.
    If we learn how to live right in the moment,
    We can leave this place with no regret.
    For me,
    To live is to live with full awareness,
    Pay attention to little things around you,
    And you will find joy in it,
    To live is to love,
    Love your life,
    Love yourself,
    Love your family,
    Love your friends,
    And do the things that you love.
    To live is to forgive and let go,
    Let go of the worries and pain,
    And let bygones be bygones.
    So don’t you worry about death,
    Just cherish the days,
    While we stand the chance.
    One day I will be leaving,
    To the moon,
    Or to outer space,
    Going away with a smile on my face.
    Leave my ashes,
    Into a beautiful garden
    Let my remains nourish the greens,
    May the flowers bloom
    and the trees grow tall
    And remind you that
    I’ll still be by your side
    Even when I’m gone.
    Don’t you ever say goodbye
    And I will meet you on the other side.

  • Production Team


    Production & Technical Manager: Chow Chun-yin
    Script Assistant: Carson Chung
    Rehearsal Master: Charmaine Cheng
    Motion Capture & Server-based System Operation: Johnny Sze
    Photo Documentation and Video Co-production: Ricky Cheng
    Music Research: Step Ip


    Stage Manager: Satina Shum
    Deputy Stage Manager: Carmen Hung
    Assistant Stage Managers: Onki Chan, Megan Hung
    Lighting Programmer & Operation: Adonic Lo
    Production Electrician: Ivan Cheung
    Make up & Hair Styling: Yeung Chung Yan, Cheng Tsui Ping, Hui Wai Man, So Nok Man, Siu Hing Fai
    Styling Assistant: QKay Yuen
    Wardrobe Assistant: Bonnie Chan
    Stage Crews: Kenneth Chan, Chim Man-lung, Man Tse


    Season 2021 Key Visual Design: Lee Ken-tsai
    Illustration (Hong Kong Street Fighter): Mr. Pizza
    Illustration (Old movie artwork): Lai Tat Wing


    Graphic Design (Poster): Guo Yiming
    Photography (Poster): East Eighteen
    Photography (Stage photo): Cheung Chi-wai, Franz Lai, Vic Shing
    Video Documentation: 3JBK
    Translation: Mona Chu
    Graphic Design Assistant: Coco Cheung

  • Programme and Administration Team


    Co-Artistic Director: Danny Yung
    Co-Artistic Director cum Executive Director: Mathias Woo
    International Exchange Director/ Producer: Wong Yuewai
    Company Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
    Company Manager (Programme): Doris Kan

    Senior Researcher & Workshop Instructor: Theresa Leung
    Public Relations: Luka Wong
    Programme Manager: Ho Yin-hei
    Assistant Programme Manager (Education): Ricky Cheng
    Programme and Art Administration Trainees: Stephy Yeung, Krystel Yu
    Marketing Assistant: Seamus Li



    Stage Management: Candace Tse, Yellow Wong
    Stage Technical: Lam Tsunlong
    Lighting: Paul Wong
    Animation: Suki Yung
    Music Production: Sonny Kwong
    Graphic Design: Carol Mak

  • Academic Partners


  • Acknowledgement


    Ms Maria Cheng Dan

    Mr Edgar Hung
    Mr Norman Wang
    Buddhist Compassion
    C’est Bon Project
    Noble Castle Asia (Talent) Limited
    TiMax Tracker
    PanSpace Limited

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  • Terms and Conditions


    Running time approximately 105 minutes with no intermission
    Performed in Cantonese with Chinese surtitles
    Children under 6 years old will not be admitted
    No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
    In line with disease prevention and control measures, and to ensure the safety of the public, audience and staff members, hygiene measures are enhanced at performance venues. Entrance guideline and special seat arrangement might adjust according to the latest situation, please pay attention to the latest update. We appologise for any inconvenience caused.
    Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, vary advertised programmes, and/or terminate the programme without prior notice.