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Mathias Woo Detective Theatre


Pop idols, market folk, kidnappers, bomb maniacs, a billionaire tycoon—kaleidoscopic characters of a restless and ever-changing Hong Kong.


Award-winning Hong Kong author Chan Ho-kei’s classic crime fiction novel The Borrowed is brought to spellbinding life by Zuni Icosahedron in 13·67. Embark on a gripping journey that starts with retiring ace detective Kwan Chun-dok’s final case and travels back in time from 2013 to 1967, uncovering the significant mysteries of his impressive career spanning five decades. Detective Kwan’s investigative prowess and uncanny deductive skills are put to the test as he expertly unravels each intricate case, letting the truth come to light.


Mathias Woo skilfully adapts and directs this atmospheric thriller that brings audiences on a gripping journey through iconic events in Hong Kong’s history. Relive memorable moments as the story unfolds against a dynamic backdrop of Hong Kong’s striking social and political landscapes which are meticulously and lovingly conjured through multimedia stagecraft featuring evocative visuals and popular music through the decades.


Chan Ho-kei 

With authorisation from Crown Culture Corporation

  • Creative Team


    • Original Novel

      Chan Ho-kei

    • Director

      Mathias Woo

    • Adaptation

      Mathias WooCarson Chung

    • Music Directors

      Yu Yat-yiuCedric Chan

    • Comics / Illustrations

      Lai Tat Tat Wing

    • Performers

      Carson ChungSobi SoDavid YeungZachary Pink Yung

  • Mystery Fiction "The Borrowed"



    Mystery Fiction “The Borrowed” ranked top in Japan’s Honkaku Mystery Best 10 (Foreign Sections) 2017 and Shūkan Bunshun Mystery Best 10 (Foreign Sections) 2017. The book is one of the few Chinese mystery fiction in the international market, translated into English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. Renowned film director Wong Kar Wai also plans to  adapt the fiction in his future production.


    “The Borrowed traces the past and sheds light on the future of Hong Kong through mystery stories. It is not only a top-notch detective story of the orthodox school but also a genius work of the social school, a subgenre of detective fiction.” 

    -Makoto Tamada, critic of mystery fiction


    “The investigation of each mystery is not at all conventional… The ending makes readers want to reread from page one.”



    “Very sound logic, unexpected plots… Even more well-grounded in logic and more brilliant than some of the detective fiction classics from overseas.”

    -Douban Read