Danny Yung Experimental Theatre
The Interrupted Geng Zi Dream
30.10.2020 8pm
Premiere on Zuni YouTube Channel "ZLive"
Zuni YouTube Channel "ZLive"

Creative Team

Artistic Director, Director & Designer: Danny Yung
Asst Artistic Director & Deputy Director: Cedric Chan

Music Designer: Steve Hui

Video Designer: Rodney Ma
Lighting Designer: Leo Siu
Sound Designer: Matt Hui
Filming & Video Production: Dino+Hayman@Singular

Performers: Martin Choi*, Step Ip, Ellen Kong, Jason Kong, Dan Tse (Surnames in alphabetical order)

*With the support and kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Cedric Chan
Stage lighting design graduate from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Academic exchange in England, Beijin and Shanghai with scholarship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. Freelancer theatre artist.

Ellen Kong

Having participated in theater performance for over 10 years, Dan Tse is now a freelance actor and the founder of youth art group SumCyun Empower. Graduate at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing of the Baptist University of Hong Kong.

Founded in 2017 by Yip Man Hay and Dino NG. Engaged in creative image, text and multi-media.
Works include the Food Fascists, Project Keep Pushing, the Stolen Homelands, Black White Red Trilogy, the Dark Fluid.

Rodney Ma
For over 20 years’ experience in Art, Design and Production, Rodney MA has proven his valuable proficiency and knowledge in various projects and works. He founded “ariff Production” in 2010 and is currently the Director.



Martin Choi

Studying in School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, major in Acting.

Step Ip

Music production graduate from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art. She is a member of an experimental band, Virgin Vacation. 
〈Suite in A Minor, RCT 1: No. 1 Prélude〉      

Composed by   Jean-Philippe Rameau
〈Sheep on the Slope〉in Interrupted Dream
Performed by   Shen Yili (Shanghai)
Bang Bang〉                                    
Performed by   Nancy Sinatra           Written by   Sonny Bono
Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major         

Composed by   Ludwig van Beethoven
〈Endless Dreams〉
Performed by   Bai Guang           Music   Hou Xiang           Lyrics   Shui Xi Cun

Production Team
Artistic Director/ Director/ Designer                        Danny Yung
Assistant Artistic Director/ Deputy Director            Cedric Chan
Music Designer                                     Steve Hui                               
Video Designer                                     Rodney Ma
Performers                                            Martin Choi*, Ellen Kong, Jason Kong, Step Ip, Dan Tse
Voice over                                              Liu Xiaoyi (Singapore), Sabrina Sng (Singapore), David Yeung, Wu Zonglun
*With the support and kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Lighting Designer                                 Leo Siu                                
Sound Designer                                    Matt Hui
Production Manager                           Chow Chun Yin                  
Deputy Stage Manager                       Ho Yin Hei
Video Operator                                     Johnny Sze           
Assistant Stage Manager                   Chan On Ki
Creative Assistant                                Wu Zonglun
Filming & Video Production                         Dino+Hayman@Singular          
Promotion Video Production                       Wyatt Lam
Graphic Design                                                   Coco Cheung                      
Photographer                                                      Ricky Cheng, Tin Lau, Vic Shing


Video Footage
In Search of New China by John Wong (2019)
(Zuni’s Experimental Theatre Restructuring Images Series        Original Director/ Concept: Danny Yung)

Academic Support

Didik Nini Thowok, Hui Man Ho, Theresa Leung, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Emergency Stairs(Singapore)

Terms and Conditions
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