Black Box Exercise 2020
Out-of-the-box Career
Aug - Sep
"ZLive" Online Platform
Open the chest and unleash the future of Hong Kong

What did you want to be when you were younger? Are you still on the way to chase your dream? Or do you care about others more than your own will and fall into the "right" track of others? Life is not an equation to be calculated carefully with a formula – there are more solutions than you thought!

Home office? Be a slasher? Perhaps a nine-to-five job is more stable? What job nature suits you best? Theatre star becomes a farmer? University graduate goes to drive a bus? Remove the make-up after the curtain call and turn into a politician? Put down the guitar and pick up delivery orders? Why not! Every career is unique in their own way, don't let the system and boundaries to limit you – you are the protagonist of your future!

Break the black box and the stereotype of life and career; Zuni stands by you to think about the future. "Out-of-the-box Career" has invited guests pursuing an "extraordinary" career – including members of the HKScienceTemple, a popular science YouTube channel – to share their not-so-common story. All the possibilities of the future can only be unveiled with active exploration and independent thinking.

In the post-credits "theatre" – The Young Science Detectives: HKScienceTemple, members of the collective traced their way to popular spots in Yuen Long and Tai Po, applying their art and science knowledge to resolve the mystery before them. They also share with young people and adults about how extraordinary industry creates the future to inspire young people to think about their relationship with the future in a whole new perspective. With the spirit of exploration, life could be different.
Production & Creative Team

Artistic Director: Mathias Woo
Curator: Luka Wong, Ricky Cheng, Wong Yuewai
Intern: John Cheung, Joanna Kwan, Wyatt Lam, Seamus Li
Academic Support

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