Mathias Woo Arts Tech Theatre Installation
Bach is Heart Sutra
Immersive Theatre
4.23-24 (Fri-Sat)

Walking Meditation
5.8-15 (Sat-Sat)
2021.4.23-24 | 5.8-15
Grand Theatre | Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Art Tech on Sound Form Emptiness

Meditate on Heart Sutra Nine Songs in Image and Sound
Walk and Breathe in Mindfulness in Immersive Theatre

Discovering the Heart Sutra is not other than Bach

Bach is Heart Sutra, an Art Tech Meditation project, offers the public the chance to experience the multilayered interplay of sounds and images in an immersive theatre. In and off the venue of the Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, a special layout of installation works will be created to guide participants on meditative experiences where they can stroll in mindfulness and discover each breath, each sound.


Round 1
Immersive Theatre

In April, a unique chanting and meditation programme will be featured in the Grand Theatre using the Art Tech of immersive audio for a new interpretation of the Heart Sutra, which will be arranged into nine songs with adaptation to Bach's music. As one listens to each inhalation and exhalation, one becomes aware of the breathing and their rhythms, and develops a fresh understanding of one's own being. As one takes pleasure in chanting and singing along, the wisdom contained in the 260 words of the Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra can be experienced in the here and now.


 Walking Meditation

In May, the practice of hand-copying sutra and walking meditation will be brought into an immersive and participatory theatre for interpretation of the famed line: Form Is Emptiness and Emptiness Is Form. By engaging hands and eyes in the traditional practice of hand-copying sutra, the participants will achieve some understanding of the Buddhist scripture. Participants will then take a meditative walk around the immersive theatre where they immerse themselves in the dynamic fusion of the music and video images, and discover the interconnectedness of the Heart Sutra and Bach. By focusing deeply on one's own body, breathing, and steps in the meditative walks, the individual participant can experience a state of tranquility in the here and now.

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"An experience that infuses Buddhist philosophy into Christian music -

an amalgamation of religions from the East and the West."
 Chow Fan Fu.Art Critic

"Immerse in an infinite mirrored space to understand 'phantom and reality'.
Grounding, healing, and insightful."
Buddhist Compassion Bi-weekly Magazine

"Bach is Heart Sutra energise us. I find it meaningful."
Venerable Sik Tsang ChitTung Lin Kok Yuen
Bach is Heart Sutra audience exclusive preview: Zuni ZLIVE online programme
“Somatics Lab - Know Your Body” Online Workshop
With informative knowledge about body and mind, let’s experiment with the wisdom of the body. Theresa Leung as your tutor of the five “Know Your Body” online workshops, the latest episode of the series will be released on five consecutive Fridays from March 19 - April 16.
Bach is Heart Sutra Director's Cut

In the director’s cut, you may experience Bach is Heart Sutra online from multi-angles. Available on the audience's portal in June (tentative), please stay tuned for the latest information.

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Creative Team

Script & Director: Mathias Woo


Performance: Cedric Chan,Ellen Kong, Dan Tse, Luka WongDavid Yeung, Rebecca Yip

Music Arrangement: Cedric Chan, Lai Tat Wing
Music Editing & Mixing: Step Ip

Season 2021 Key Visual Design: Lee Ken Tsai

Programme Schedule

*Audience of Immersive Theatre may enter the theatre to experience "Art Tech Meditation" at 2:45pm/ 7:45pm. The performance will officially begin at 3:15pm/ 8:15pm.


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  • Watch ZLive online programme first with valid link exclusively for Bach is Heart Sutra audience

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Z Innovation Lab 

"Z Innovation Lab 2019" garnered the Red Dot Award in 2020. Curated and designed by Mathias Woo, Z Innovation Lab 2020 is a performing arts project that focuses on the integration of technology and creativity. The theatre serves as a stage and technology laboratory that experiments stage technologies with artists and technical specialists all over the world, to inspire creativity in the theatre industry and expands the possibilities of theatrical performance. We establish a platform for knowledge and ideas exchange, a platform to demonstrate stage technology exploration and showcase various technical configurations and applications, developing a new arts festival paradigm of "Technology + Innovation".

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Terms and Conditions
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  • Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists, vary advertised programmes, and/or terminate the programme without prior notice.
April【Immersive Theatre】@Grand Theatre
  • Running time approximately 70 minutes with no intermission
  • No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
  • Audience may enter the theatre to experience "Art Tech Meditation" at 2:45pm/ 7:45pm. The performance will officially begin at 3:15pm/ 8:15pm.
May【Walking Meditation】@Studio Theatre
  • Running time approximately 60 minutes with no intermission
  • Audience will need to go up and down the stairs, and take their shoes off to enter the installation
  • No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
Zuni Somatics Lab - Know Your Body】Online Workshop @ZLive
  • Cantonese workshop with Chinese subtitles
  • Available from the date of purchase to 4 June 2021 (Fri) 
  • Unauthorized recording, filming, downloading, reproduction in whole or in part, broadcasting, and other copyright infringement acts are strictly prohibited. If found, Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to take legal action.