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Read Sing Eileen Chang
Under the pandemic situation, the theatre has not yet been opened. Read Sing Eileen Chang will be live-streamed on Zuni's YouTube Channel to bring Eileen Chang’s life story and her literary world to the audience through exceptional "Read Sing" perform
Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme
Beneficiaries enjoy fully-funded tickets to watch performances for free. Zuni believes that the arts can stimulate the mind and its creativity, bringing positive changes to the society.
Literary Legend Eileen Chang
Eileen Chang, one of the most influential Chinese female writers in modern history. Her works appeal to readers of successive generations and are highly regarded in literary and artistic circles. 2020 Zuni's latest production - Eileen Chang 100 Read S
Zuni Experimenting Eileen Chang
In over thirty years after Zuni's formal inception, it has reinterpreted various works by Eileen Chang, including The Secret (1982), Vanity Fair (1986), 18 Springs (2003/2012), and more. 2020's latest production - Eileen Chang 100 Read Sing Eileen
Isolation and Decluttering: reading Eileen Chang in 2020
2020 is meant to be The Eileen Chang year. On the 100th anniversary of her birth, many cities went into isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Isolation was Chang' s regular state of existence.
Zuni Read and Sing
Zuni Experiments "Read and Sing" by Rap and Kunqu
Zuni Icosahedron Internship 2020
Arts, culture and performing arts enthusiast? Join Zuni as an intern this summer!
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