Zuni Somatics Lab


"Zuni Somatics Lab"
Tutor: Theresa Leung

"Zuni Somatics Lab" series provides an interactive space to experience and experiment with the wisdom of the body with everyone. Here provides informative knowledge about the body and the mind, and experiential body and mind interactive exercises. Even learning from illness, Zuni Somatics Lab reacknowledges the inner pace of the body and its rhythmic movements.

Ep. 1

User Guide | Loosen Your Shoulders 1: Up & Down
Got stiff shoulders because of bad habits and pressure? Theresa teaches you gentle and easy movements to improve your health - mentally and physically - with mindfulness and no pressure.

Ep. 2

Loosen Your Shoulders 2: Forward & Backward

Ep. 3

Loosen Your Shoulders 3: Circular Rotation

Ep. 4

Loosen Your Shoulders 4: 2-minute Relaxation

Ep. 5

Breath In, Sing Out: Relive Pressure by Calming Your Mind

Ep. 6

Unlock Your Jaw, Get Prettier and Have Better Moods

Ep. 7

Cycle with Your Shoulders!

Ep. 8

Relaxing Your Back and Shoulders (I)

Ep. 9

Relaxing Your Back and Shoulders (II)

Ep. 10

The Art of Relaxing Your Eyes (I)

Ep. 11

The Art of Relaxing Your Eyes (II)

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