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Location: "ZLive" Online Platform

"Danny Yung Experimental Theatre Education Programme" Danny Yung, the pioneer of Chinese experimental arts will go through the basics of experimental theatre covering the body, sounds, space, technology, symbols and structure.

"Talk on Arts Tech"Theatre is the art of technology; understanding technology is the beginning of understanding theatrical arts. Mathias Woo, the Co-Artistic Director of Zuni, will talk about theatre, technology and art in Zuni YouTube Channel "ZLive".

"Zuni Somatics Lab"
series provides an interactive space to experience and experiment with the wisdom of the body with everyone. Here provides informative knowledge about the body and the mind, and experiential body and mind interactive exercises. Even learning from illness, Zuni Somatics Lab reacknowledges the inner pace of the body and its rhythmic movements.

"Out-of-the-box Career" invites people from different backgrounds to create with a box. What can a box carry? What would you put into a box? Your artwork made in primary school, your favourite CD, or the necklace your mum gave you? Interact with the space of a box and reflect on the relationship between the environment and yourself - we all have different imaginations with space.

"The Chan Voice", inspired by The Human Voice by Jean Cocteau. The human voice is all that we care. Live broadcast every night at 9pm on YouTube, let us listen to Cedric's powerful voice in the purest way without any accompaniment.

"DJ Luka HK Song Booktravels around Hong Kong communities with music! As you enjoy the cityscape and scenery of districts, you could also listen to 70-90’s Hong Kong pop songs carefully picked by DJ Luka and become a flâneur on "ZLive".

"Zuni Noise: A Hong Kong Odyssey" 24/7 playing Zuni's album "Noise/Zuni" (1993), which brought together music created for theatre by music pioneers such as Tat Ming Pair, Cui Jian, and Kung Chi Shing. Hong Kong cityscape videos from "2001: A Hong Kong Odyssey" directed by Mathias Woo in 2000, with a series of moving images and sounds to explore Hong Kong's future as an international city. After 20 years, let us recall the old cityscape.

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