Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme
Society and Theatre
Beneficiaries enjoy fully-funded tickets to watch performances for free. Zuni believes that the arts can stimulate the mind and its creativity, bringing positive changes to the society.
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Zuni is a registered charitable cultural organisation in Hong Kong and a member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS). Zuni is committed to nurture humanistic qualities and to diversify social services with art and culture. In 2011, Zuni launched the Welfare Ticket Scheme to enable more people from different sectors of the society to have exposure to theatre and experimental arts, as well as a chance to see Zuni's productions. Eligible people include beneficiaries and members of staff at over 480 agency members of the HKCSS, beneficiaries of The Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme, full time local students, school organisations, elderly and disabled people. 

"The Scheme allows our clients and members of staff to watch stage performances, nurturing their interest in art."
Ms. Yuen, Hong Kong Association for Cleft Lip and Palate

"Our clients do not have frequent access to entertainment and artistic performances. These performances broaden their horizons and alleviate negative emotions."
Mr. Chow, Concord Mutual Aid Club Alliance

"The Scheme allows our beneficiaries to watch various art performances and broaden their horizons."
Ms. Ng, ECFSCCL Bradbury Student Development Centre

Since its launch, the Scheme has been supported by over 140 social welfare organisations and over 59,000 beneficiaries have enjoyed high-quality theatre performances. People from less privileged backgrounds gained access to the arts, which have broadened their horizons, enriched their experiences, alleviated their negative emotions and increased their sense of belonging to the community.

People have less incentive to visit the theatre due to the recent situation. Zuni believes that the arts can stimulate the mind and its creativity, bringing positive changes to the society. As such, we continued the Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme in season 2020 -

1. Social Welfare Organisations & Recipients of the CSSA

  • Beneficiaries enjoy fully-funded tickets to watch performances for free
  • Clients and members of staff of organisations under the agency members of the  HKCSS are eligible to enrol; For HKCSS agency members, please click here to apply
  • Social Welfare Organisations are invited to become Art Partners who have priority to reserve tickets, in turn benefiting different communities (Click here to become an Art Partner. For registered Art Partners please refer to the list in the Appendix.)
  • Recipients of the CSSA can purchase tickets at $1 directly from URBTIX.*

2. Local Full Time Students
  • Full time students enjoy fully-funded tickets to watch shows for free. Tickets can be reserved from Popticket, or be purchased from URBTIX at $1*;
  • Schools participating in student matinees were subjected to a $55 fee per student. Schools are now eligible to apply for fees exemption. 
3. Elderly and disabled
  • Elderly over 80 can purchase tickets at $1 from URBTIX*;
  • New middle-aged audiences over 60, disabled people and their caretaker can enjoy 50% off regular tickets.
*The URBTIX system does not allow free tickets. Hence, ticket prices are set at $1.

Zuni is adamant in promoting the Scheme in order to allow more people to participate in performing arts and experience theatre aesthetics. To continue sharing high-quality art, we need your support and donations. Donate to Zuni. Be part of the collective effort to share the joy of art with the society.

List of “Art Partners” under Zuni Welfare Ticket Scheme 2020/21 (In alphabetical order)
Assembly of God Yuen Long Gospel Centre
Caritas Dr. & Mrs. Olinto de Sousa IFSC
Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service for Young People - Tak Tin
Concord Mutual Aid Club Alliance
Dance With Depression Association
ECFSCCL Bradbury Student Development Centre
Helping Hand
Hok Yau Club
Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club Dr. Ellen Li Learning Centre
HONG KONG SARS Mutual Help Association
Hong Kong Women Christian Council
Institute for integrated rural development, Hong Kong
Project Space Limited
The Hong Kong Society for the deaf