"The Young Science Detectives: HKScienceTemple" Online
Black Box Exercise 2020 | Yuen Long Out-of-the-box Career Theatre
Ep.1 15/8 (Sat) 7pm | Ep.2 29/8 (Sat) 7pm | Ep.3 12/9 (Sat) 7pm | Break the black box and the stereotype of life and career; "Out-of-the-box Career" has invited guests pursuing an "extraordinary" career to share their not-so-common story. Before getting
Location: Zuni YouTube Channel "ZLive"
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The Young Science Detectives: HKScienceTemple

Summer, Hong Kong, 2046. A gigantic black chest appeared and hovered over Yuen Long and Tai Po for 7 days and nights. Alarmed, the authorities were at the end of their wits. On the eighth day, the chest emitted a blue ray of light that eliminated certain natural elements in Yuen Long and Tai Po, upsetting the ecological balance. The authorities decided to commission "HKScienceTemple", a young scientific detective collective, to go after the disappeared elements of the community. Hide-and-seek in the community is about to begin. Let’s join the Young Science Detectives and share the joy of science with kids!

Ep. 1 - The Aviary Pagoda

This episode, the young science detectives are visiting the Aviary Pagoda in Yuen Long. The place is “feeling blue” - what happened? The second part of the performance has invited Mak Po, the Co-founder of Mak’s Brewery and Pius Yiu, a renowned hairstylist in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. They will share their own experience and observation to give teenagers advice when planning their career paths. Don’t miss it!

Ep. 2 - The Yuen Long Green Tunnel Incident

Another mystery in Yuen Long! Pixel labyrinth appears in the green tunnel, how can the young scientific detectives escape? Knowledge and courage is the key! Then we have invited Alex Lam - a makeup artist and a fisherman, and flower plaque craftsman Choi Wing Kei to talk about their extraordinary job. Be venturesome - your life could be different.

Ep. 3 - Nam Sang Wai Fishpond Education Kiosk & Yuen Long Main Road Incident

Mayday! The young scientific detectives received a report that an obscure geometric shape appeared in  Nam Sang Wai! Are they created by the aliens who also made the crop circles? Another report about the appearance of baffling colourful fires in Yuen Long main road! Why is there a series of uncanny events in Yuen Long? The young scientific detectives must find out why! Finally, we welcome Lam Chiu Ying, the former director of the Hong Kong Observatory and local popular science video production team “HKScienceTemple” to talk about their science story and share how unusual careers can create the future.

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Production & Creative Team
Artistic Director: Mathias Woo
Curators: Luka WongRicky Cheng
Co-Directors: David YeungLuka Wong
Co-playwrights and performers: Carson ChungHKScienceTempleEllen Kong
HKScienceTemple Members:
Chan Hoi Lam, Chow Ka Hei Kathryn, Chong Ka Wa, Louis Tang, Wong Sum Kok

Music: Samuel Kwok (Violin), Kit Lau (Saxophone), Pong Law (Piano), Isaac Wong (Harmonica)
Arrangement: Isaac Wong
Sound Design / Mixing: Step Ip
Guests: Mak Po, Pius Yiu
Video Production & Editing: Chan Chin Ho
Filming & Video Production: John Cheung, HKScienceTemple, Wyatt Lam
Voice-acting & Script Assistant: Seamus Li
Costume & Props: Ellen Kong, Joanna Kwan
Graphic Design: Coco Cheung
Intern: John Cheung, Joanna Kwan, Wyatt Lam, Seamus Li


From the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
a local popular science videos production team.


〈Air on the G String (Suite No. 3, BWV 1068)〉
Composed by: J. S. Bach
Arranged by: Isaac Wong
Violin: Samuel Kwok
Saxophone: Kit Lau
Piano:Pong Law
Harmonica: Isaac Wong
Sound Design / Mixing: Step Ip

〈Decisive Battle〉
Composed by: Sagisu Shiro

〈The Twilight Zone〉
Composed by: Bernard Herrmann
Arranged by: Isaac Wong
Violin: Samuel Kwok
Saxophone: Kit Lau
Piano:Pong Law
Harmonica: Isaac Wong
Sound Design / Mixing: Step Ip

〈Summer City (Instrumental Version) 〉
Composed by: Aldenmark Niklasson

〈Canon in D〉
Composed by: Johann Pachelbel
Arranged by: Isaac Wong
Violin: Samuel Kwok
Saxophone: Kit Lau
Piano: Pong Law
Harmonica: Isaac Wong
Sound Design / Mixing: Step Ip

Programme & Production Team
Company Manager (Administration and Finance): Jacky Chan
Company Manager (Programme): Doris Kan
Production & Technical Manager: Chow Chun-yin
Senior Programme Manager: Bowie Chow
Rehearsal Master: Charmaine Cheng
Programme Manager: Ho Yin-hei
Programme and Art Administration Trainees: Megan Hung, Stephy Yeung

Academic Support


Zoe Cheung, Siu Wong, Denny Wong