Technology Intervenes in Art (II)
New Opportunities and Challenges in Cultural Development: How does the world promote "Technology in Art"?
Art and technology could change the world. When technology is applied to artworks, it challenges the limitation of sensory cognition. Beyond our sensibility and knowledge, this is the power of creativity and technology.
Location: Theatre
Excerpt from the research report 'Technology Intervenes in Art – New Technology and Urban Life: New Opportunities and Challenges in Cultural Development' published by Mathias Woo and Liu Si from Zuni Icosahedron in City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference 2019. The report will be published on the website in three parts, this article is the second part. Full text in Chinese. Click here to read Technology Intervenes in Art (I) New opportunities and challenges in cultural development: throwback to technological development and artistic creation 

Around the world, different organisations try to promote "the use of technology in art". Below, we shall study a few cases and look into their history,  venues, programs, interaction with the community, talent cultivation, international exchanges, and how they become the cultural flagship of the city. 

The Arts Electronica Festival in Austria has become an international platform for research, development and exhibition of digital art and media culture.
Image/Ars Electronica

MIT Senseable City Lab uses data to explore the problems facing the development of smart cities and provides possibilities and visions of smart cities.
Image/MIT senseable city lab

ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
ZKM aims to examine the impact of mediaisation, digitisation and globalisation on society.
Digital FUTURES Shanghai
Launched in 2011, Digital FUTURES Shanghai aims to promote theoretical and scientific research on digital design and machine construction within different academic institutions and encourage international cooperation and interaction. Over the past nine years, it has made experimental digital workshops a regular programme, rendering Tongji University's annual Digital FUTURES one of the most popular and advanced digital festivals in the world.
Z Innovation Lab, Hong Kong
Zuni Icosahedron has always focused on the use of theatre space to contain, explore, and combine the possibilities of creativity, stage technology and multimedia design. Since 2017, Zuni has organised the "Z Innovation Lab" series to explore the forefront of stage technology through showcasing, exchange and training, showcasing and manifesting the diversity of possibilities in a black box theatre. In the next article, we shall look into Zuni's "Z Innovation Lab" and further discuss how technology intervenes in art in Hong Kong.
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