Sylvia Chang Interview
Piano Solo Storytelling: Spirits
The name of Sylvia Chang gained popularity in the film industry in the 70s. As a four-time winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards and a three-time winner of the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, she walks through the screen at the movie theatre elegantly. This month, Sylvia Chang will step onto the stage of the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre with Zuni to bring the performance – Piano Solo Storytelling: Spirits.

Spirits originated eight years ago, as Sylvia Chang and Yen Chun-Chieh, a Taiwanese pianist, wanted to promote classical music to the younger generations. Sylvia believes classical music with crossover would be more attractive to young people. “Many young people do not understand that classical music was also a kind of popular music at the time when it emerged.” Therefore, on top of classical music, they tried to integrate other elements such as music, poems, storytelling – and Sylvia is the storyteller, “This would be a fun challenge. Learning how to use the voice to perform is inevitable in an actor’s journey.” This time, Sylvia, who is familiar with acting in front of a camera, tries to only act with her voice on stage, “There would be lots of support to achieve the goal when we act for the movies– camera movements, props, setting. But for only acting with my voice, it is almost like standing on stage alone nakedly. The voice’s energy is of phenomenal importance; you have to attract the audience with your voice, facial expression, and charisma.

Before watching Sylvia’s performance in Spirits, let us listen to her talking about why she does the performance and her journey in the production.

Piano Solo Storytelling: Spirits
2020.10.23-24 (Fri - Sat) 8:15pm
Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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