Read Sing Eileen Chang
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Under the pandemic situation, the theatre has not yet been opened. Read Sing Eileen Chang will be broadcasted on Zuni's YouTube Channel. | Performance Replay: 21 Aug (Fri) & 28 Aug (Fri) 10pm
Location: Zuni YouTube Channel
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In 1939, Eileen Chang enrolled in the University of Hong Kong; In 1942, when Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese, she returned to Shanghai and wrote Aloeswood Incense: The First Brazier, Aloeswood Incense: The Second Brazier, Love in a Fallen City, and other novels with Hong Kong as the context, recording the scenes of Hong Kong in the 1940s. In the 1960s, Eileen Chang shortly lived in Jiyuan Street, North Point, Hong Kong.

Eileen Chang ’s relationship with Hong Kong and her literary works have been adapted into dramas and movies. Over the years, Zuni has re-interrupted numerous Eileen's works. As 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of her birth, Zuni presents the latest production Read Sing Eileen Chang. In the Z Innovation Lab, technology breaks the distance between time and space - with Eileen's text as the base and adding elements such as "Read and Sing", sounds, acting, videos, etc., to reconstruct Eileen's life and her literature.

Especially recommend the songs written by the singer-songwriter Chang Yao-jen and the young rapper Yang Mo-han. The show also features performers Rebecca Yip and David Yeung interpreting Eileen Chang's "he" and "she"; we've also invited guest performers Karena Lam to  voice-act and Cheer Chen to play and sing Eileen’s Genius Dream with her guitar and voice.

Read Sing Eileen Chang: Script, Direction, Design - Mathias Woo. Creative Coordinator - Cedric Chan. Music Arrangement - Edgar Hung. Text Arrangement - Pia Ho.

Read Sing Eileen Chang
 brings Eileen Chang’s life story and her literary world to the audience through exceptional "Read Sing" performance. Premiered in May, the performance received high praise and will be replayed on Zuni's YouTube Channel in August.

Theatre Music Video Premiere: 30 May (Sat) 8pm
Live Streaming: 6 Jun (Sat) 8pm
Performance Replay: 21 Aug (Fri) & 28 Aug (Fri) 10pm*

*Please note that the video will be kept on Zuni's YouTube Channel for 48 hours

Read Sing Eileen Chang
Based on Eileen Chang's works
© Roland Soong and Elaine Soong through Crown Culture Corporation

Director, Script, Music Producer, Video Director: Mathias Woo
Music: Yao Chang, Yang Mo-han
Performance (Theatre Music Video): Rebecca Yip, Yao Chang
Performance (Live Streaming): Rebecca Yip, David Yeung
Voice-acting (Recording): Karena Lam
Music/ Guitar/ Vocal (Recording): Cheer Chen

Creative Coordinator: Cedric Chan
Music Arrangement & Mixing: Edgar Hung

Sound Design & Mixing: Can. Ha
Lighting Design: Adonic Lo
Text Arrangement: Pia Ho
Video Shooting & Production: Wing Chan, Li Ming
Illustration: Lai Tat Tat Wing

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