Gayamyan - Romance Amidst the Crowds
Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert


Gayamyan and Cedric Chan in Concert (2005)
At the beginning of the millennium, Gayamyan stood out within the indie music sector with their choice of simple ABAB form and lyrics with a character. Playful, with a bit of "who cares" attitude, Gayamyan won the second place in Music Bus Magazine's annual best albums selection. In over 22 years, Cedric Chan, Rodney Ma, Chung Chak-ming, have their romantic music story within theatrical production, independent and popular music. 
Gayamyan × Romance

Talking about romance, Gayamyan has different definitions, but the conversation always end with music. Cedric’s romance is about love and family, "I remember the song 'Hymn to Love' by Edith Piaf, the French singer. The song was sang for her lover, who passed away in a aircraft accident. But within the lyrics and melody, there's such a feeling that song surpass romance between lovers into a faith in the future, an aspiration in life. For Chak-ming, romance is not something that he explores often, "I don't know why, but I withhold the word 'romance' emotionally." "I think the most romantic song is a song by Jacky Cheung. That time after a performance, almost all crew helping to move-out are singing this song – suddenly I thought, is this a kind of romance?" Different people experience the same sentiment at the same occasion, is Chak-ming's romantic   moment. Rodney’s romance is for himself, "Concentrate on doing something that I want to achieve, focus on myself". And that, is exactly Gayamyan when creating music.
Gayamyan × Zuni × Danny Chan

Gayamyan never set boundary for their music but walk out their own creative path – which makes Zuni and Gayamyan a perfect match. As Rodney and Chak-ming say, their cooperation with Zuni do not merely happen on stage. The questions and themes that Zuni inspires people to search for the image and sounds appear in one's mind, and also, to think critically.

The Hong Kong Songbook series is one of the many music co-operations between Gayamyan and Zuni. Through covering songs from different times, the series explore Hong Kong popular culture. This time, they have mainly picked Danny Chan's songs from the 70s to 80s – to turn romance into a dialogue within two centuries.
Hong Kong Music Industry in the 80s is the training field of divos and divas. Numerous cantopop songs were produced in a wave of music production. Danny Chan, as the idol and the symbol of romance at his time, took the hearts of plentiful boys and girls. Gayamyan’s upcoming concert tries to cover old songs in today’s context – the chemical reaction between the two is undoubtable. The relearning, the influence of the flourishing age of the entertainment industry on Hong Kong's pop song industry in the present, the memory of generations linked by music – perhaps, this is the romance of Hong Kong old song itself.

Follow Gayamyan, take out your Walkman, revisit the feeling of rewinding the cassette, find resonance in the wheel of time. 20-21 Nov 2020 at the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, "Hong Kong Song Book" Series
Gayamyan Romantic HK the 80s Concert brings you back to the romantic time.

Text by Seamus Li