Discover Creative Talents in Black Box
Black Box Exercise
Black box, also known as flight recorder, is a box that contains all kinds of flight data.
When we have to open the black box,
it is often after a catastrophe.
The black box seems to be able to solve mysteries and dispel suspicions.
Black box has become an education tool for a lesson of grieve.

We all have a black box
that contains the experience and history of our own.
Do we need to wait until the catastrophe arrives,
to learn our black box
and solve the mystery and dispel the suspicions of ourselves?

Each of us has creative talents;
to discover another self that is veiled inside the black box.
We don't need to wait until the catastrophe arrives,
to learn our black box
and unleash our creative talents.
Black Box Exercise
Installation Art Education Scheme

Black Box Exercise kicked off in the early 90's as a community art programme initiated by Zuni. The concept of is to give each of the participating students a black box of his own, sized 30 x 30 x 30cm; and they are to create something inside the box as their creative expressions. Through the deocration of the black box, students learn and participate in the creation of "installation art" and explains their understanding and reflection of a certain theme. From 1995-2005, Zuni has hold numerous “Black Box Exercise” activities, including workshops and site-specific exhibitions, in over 200 local schools and education centres with the number of participants over 280,000. 
“The discussion session inspires associative thinking; students have the opportunity to communicate, explore, and learn from each other, to provoke multi-perspective thinking, spark creativity, and encourage autonomy. It is a more effective learning model than authoritarian learning.”

~Dr Lam Bick Har, the Associate Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Education University of Hong Kong


Not Only About Art

A lot of the black box creations reflect on life, society, and education. The scheme encourages students to think and understand the relationship between individual, society, and the environment. In the process, students explore the nature of education, commercial and city; they also learn about structure, system, organization, forms, functionality, etc. Students’ communication and expression skills are enhanced.

Black Box Exercise respects every opinion on the basis that the author takes sole responsibility for the views expressed. In the process of artistic creation, young people could learn about, carry out polls on their own concerns in a particular setup, and understands the bottom-up and one-person-one-box democratic civil society.

Over the years, Black Box Exercise participants include people of all backgrounds in the society, including government officials, legislative council members, nuns, medical staff, museum curators, professors, writers, artists, and students. In addition, the organisers and members of “Black Box Exercise” were invited to participate in an exchange conference held by the UNESCO for educators in Asia, and “Black Box Exercise” was used as an example showcase for the participants in sharing their experience in education. In 2003, “Black Box Exercise” officially became part of the school curriculum in art education in Denmark. The scheme was also brought to over 60 overseas cities, including Tokyo, Fukuoka, Macau, Berlin, Copenhagen, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Open the chest and
unleash the future of Hong Kong

Do you want to become the future of Hong Kong? Or the future of its technology? Do you want to become the future of the arts in Hong Kong? Or perhaps, the future of its agriculture? Do you want to direct the future of our traditional and contemporary societies? Would you like to do something for Hong Kong’s future? What would you like to learn? What are the available options? How is the future formed? How to become able to reach the imaginary future?

"Black Box Exercise 2020" is the extension programme of the community installation art programme of the same title. With the participation of different parties in the society,he scheme encourages students to think and understand the relationship between individual, society, and the environment. What would you put if you are given a box? "Black Box Exercise 2020 - out-of-the-box Career Theatre" open the black box, jump out of the box and think about the future - to unleash your creativity and talent!