"This is a Chair"
Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: Journey to the East
"This is a Chair" (Excerpt)

This is a Chair a Chair
Each and everyone of you
Has... a chair
Has... a seat
This is a Stage
This could be a proscenium stage
Each and everyone...
in front of you a stage

Excerpt from "This is a Chair" (1997) Director/ Script: Danny Yung
Creative Director: Mathias Woo
Director / Editor: Wing Chan
Narrator: David Yeung
Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: Journey to the East
"This is a Chair" (1997)

Before the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Danny Yung organized the "Journey to the East 97" art festival.

The "One Table Two Chairs" theatre performing series invited directors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Li Liuyi (Beijing), Lin Zhaohua (Beijing), Hugh Lee (Taipei), Edward Yang (Taipei), Edward Lam (Hong Kong) and Stanley Kwan (Hong Kong) came together to explore the social condition of different cities.

Danny Yung once said, " 'One Table Two Chairs' is a frame. At the same time, a frame is also the content. We invite everyone to create a 20 minutes reactive dual performance based on the traditional stage set of Chinese operatic art. I hope artists from different cultural backgrounds can inspire each other and begin cultural exchange through their different interpretations of 'One Table Two Chairs'."

Performer: Jimmy Kwok

Danny Yung Experimental Theatre: Journey to the East

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▸ 1997/01/01-05 ▸ Shouson Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre
▸ 1997/06/03-08
 ▸ Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (ICA)
▸ 1997/10/11-12
 ▸ Beijing People's Art Theatre
▸ 1998/08/07-09
 ▸ Okinawa Institute of the Arts
▸ 1998/10/02-03
 ▸ Asia Society in New York

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