Ricky Cheng and His Box of Trendy Stuff
Out-of-the-box Career

"Out-of-the-box Career" invites people from different backgrounds to create with a box. What can a box carry? What would you put into a box? Your artwork made in primary school, your favourite CD, or the necklace your mum gave you? Interact with the space of a box and reflect on the relationship between the environment and yourself - we all have different imaginations with space.

"Hipster Ricky Cheng and His Box of Trendy Stuff"
Ricky did not study about the theatre, so how did he become an educator and an administrator in the theatre company? To open dialogues with young people, he keeps up with trends! Let's open the box and see what trendy stuff has he got in his box and learn Ricky's career path!

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