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Z Innovation Lab

In 2019, the Z Innovation Lab will put on a reinterpretation of the lost Banyan performance Rotten Big Ass at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. The “Professional Series” will be launched for stage technology practitioners and students, while the “Stage and Technology Workshop” and “HKCC-AR Time Travel at Hong Kong Cultural Centre” will be available to the public. The “Theatre and Architecture Talk” highlights innovative performance spaces and enhances the understanding towards the relationship between built spaces, technology and the theatre, setting the tone to discuss the development of the theatre as a whole.


Stage and Technology Workshop

9/11 12pm 4:30pm

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

As the disciplines of innovative technology and multimedia design continue to develop, these audio and visual tools and technologies are not only applied to the flat, two-dimensional space. The theatre offers the possibilities of a “live” environment, a space for carrying, exploring and integrating different creativity and technologies. Through the activity, the public would learn from the Z Innovation Lab about the possibilities of stage technology in different ways.


HKCC-AR Journey in Time
9-23/11 9am-11pm

Foyer, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre opened in 1989, where you stand now was previously the location of Kowloon Railway Station. From its establishment in 1910 to its demolition for the construction of the Cultural Centre in 1978, this railway station has witnessed the history of Hong Kong and has been filled with our recollections.  In 2019, to celebrate the Centre’s 30th anniversary, Zuni has adopted state-of-the-art technologies of Augmented Reality (AR) in conjunction with the Soundscape system to recreate the sound and scene of the former Kowloon Railway Station. The anniversary is also celebrated with the installation of a giant bamboo flower plaque (fa paai) hand-crafted traditionally in a modern design.


Rotten Big Ass prequel comics

Rotten Big Ass, is a song-story by Dou Wun, a gu si (blind songster) used Banyan tempo to present, is one of the recordings made by Professor Bell Yung for Dou Wun’s live performance in 1975. It sung in a first-person narrative, is about an elderly client nicknamed Rotten Big Ass who came to look for his prostitute Sui Choi.

This project curated by Mathias Woo and illustrated by Lai Tat Tat Wing. The protagonist in the prequel story takes audiences through the time and space of Rotten Big Ass. The comictist has looked up many historical pictures of the 30s Guangzhou and tried to present the readers the scenery of the streets in Guangzhou, the banks of the Pearl River and flower boats where prostitutes work.


Download [Zuni X HKCC AR] Mobile Apps for Augmented Reality

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Theatre and Architecture Talk Series
Quick Architecture: From Kindergarten to Puppet Theatre

Please be noted that the Theatre and Architecture Talk “Quick Architecture: From Kindergarten to Puppet Theatre” scheduled on Nov 23 (Sat) will be cancelled since the speaker cannot attend. Sorry for any inconvenience may cause. 


In recent years, many theatres with iconic architecture have opened in the region, which we celebrate but also question for their lengthy planning and costly construction at a time when different genres of live events are presented with innovative stage / entertainment technologies and arts performers are looking at other kind of spaces to meet their future needs. This year, tagging along with Architecture Is Art Festival – Beautiful Space, we invited Japanese architect, Takahashi Ippei to give a presentation of his works, from his awarded kindergarten to a newly designed ‘puppet theatre’, displaying new technologies and ideas, as well as traditional methods in building ‘quick architecture’.Present in Japanese with Cantonese translation.


Ippei Takahashi
Mr Takahashi founded “TAKAHASHI IPPEI OFFICE” in 2010, since then he carried out various successful projects: “Shichigahama Tohyama Nursery” in Tohoku which won the top prize for design proposal in 2013, “Casa O” in Tokyo (2014), “S City Block Master Planning” in Japan (2011-2016), “Restructuring Yokohama National University Campus” (2012-present) and “Apartment House in Tokyo” (2018). Recently won the design proposal of “Fuefuki Park” in Yamanashi (2018-2020), and some other projects in progress. He is also currently an assistant professor at Yokohama National University.


Profesional Series

This Professional Series is designed for stage technical professionals and college students in a related field. In the Real Location of Z Innovation Lab, our technical partners and designers will give workshops and talks with in-depth explanations of the design and application of technologies such as digital lighting, soundscape, multimedia server base system and mixed reality.


12-13 /11

All day

Basic Console Workshop


All day

Advanced Console Workshop *

Speaker: Declan Randall (ETC Training Program Coordinator)

20-21/11 All day Disguise Fundamental Training Workshop

Speaker: Yip Tik Cheung



Soundscape #1: Why Soundscape helps in New Design

Speaker: Chan Chi Wai (Education & Application Support Director, d&b audiotechnik Greater China)



Soundscape #2: How to integrate Soundscape in Live System

Speaker: Allen Tin (Business Development Manager, d&b audiotechnik Greater China)

22/11 3-5pm

Theatre Future: Server Base Control System

23/11 2pm-4pm

AR/VR/MR – Now and the Future

Speaker: Frankie Pang (Director, Cordex Intelligence)

*For experienced user.

All day 10am-1pm; 2-5pm

Creative Team

Z Innovation Lab

Creator, Artistic Director & Spatial Design Mathias WOO


HKCC-AR Journey in Time

Direction and Visual Design Director

Mathias WOO

“Rotten Big Ass” Illustration LAI Tat Tat Wing

Sound Design Steve HUI (aka Nerve)

Excerpt from the recording of the Rotten Big Ass performed by Dou Wun

Augmented Reality Frankie PANG

Sound Advisor Can. HA

Production Manager CHOW Chun Yin, Carmen CHENG



Stage and Technology Workshop


12nn, 4:30pm

Studio Threatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Professional Series

11-14, 18-21

Studio Threatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Theatre and Architecture Talk Series – Quick Architecture: From Kindergarten to Puppet Theatre



Studio Threatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hong Kong should have taken this innovative programme to spearhead fresh creative ideas to the academia earlier.

Wallace Chang / Professor, Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong

Let artists, directors, choreographers to know these technologies, inspire the possibilities of creation.


Academic Partners


Technical Partners

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