Silver Award at the 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards | Silver A’ Design Award in Performing Arts 2019

The Architecture of the City @Shanghai

21st China Shanghai International Arts Festival 'Festival Hong Kong 2019 – A Cultural Extravaganza @Shanghai'

Inspired by the 20th-century Italian architect Aldo Rossi’s work of the same name.  A creative crossover between architecture, music and theatre, it illuminates Hong Kong’s unique cityscapes with the bamboo scaffoldings on stage, and the shifting multimedia visuals, music and lighting.  Yu Yat-yiu is the Music Director, KJ Wong meets the audience at the piano, and Josie and the Uni Boys rocks the stage.  The production won a Silver Award at the 2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards – Event and Stage Design Award and a Sliver A’ Design Award in Performing Arts, Style and Scenery Design Category in 2019.

Creative Team

Inspired by the book of same title by Aldo Rossi


Director, Script, Stage & Multimedia Design Mathias Woo

Music Director and Arrangement Yu Yat-yiu

Piano Performance KJ Wong

Performers David Yeung, Wu Kun Da, Chang Yao-jen, Albert Tsang,Grace Hoop

Music Performance Josie and the Uni Boys

Vocal Josie Ho

Drummer Tim Cheng

Guitarist Alan Cheung

Rhythm Guitarist Dee Lam

Bass Guitarist Chan Siu Kei

Chorus, Keyboard & Programmer Pam Chung


Hong Kong Street Photos Mathias Woo

Visual and Graphic Creation Lai Tat Tat Wing

Costume Design Lo Sing-chin

Lighting Designer Mak Kwok Fai

Sound Designer Can.Ha

Bamboo Installation Production Choi Wing-kei, Sit Ka-chun, Lai Chun-hong

  • Approx. 1hr 20 mins with no interval
  • In Cantonese, English & Putonghua with Chinese & English surtitles
  • No latecomers will be admitted, until a suitable break in the performance.
  • Zuni Icosahedron reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/ or vary advertised programmes and seating arrangements.


Architecture creates memories

Cities constructed by architecture are places which create memories

Growing up on the streets would create memories with streets

Growing up with shopping malls would create memories with shopping malls

What are memories?

Memories are past events remembered

Memories are feelings and images that emerge in your mind

Are there smells and tastes in memories?

Are there sounds in memories?

Things disappeared become memories

The future is imagination

The past is memories

MemoriesThere used to be a lot of cinemas in this city

There were a lot of peddlers and markets along the streets

Walking down the streets, filled with a lot of sounds and many different smells

These memories stay in my mind even till now

That’s a city that used to enjoy such a vibrant street life

A city is composed of many artifacts and components

Most of these components are architecture

The architecture is pieced together by roads, streets, bridges, piazzas, and parks to form a city

And the architecture is linked up by various transportation networks

Streets on the ground

Subways underground


Highways for cars

Underground railways

A city for cycling and walking

With different kinds of architectures

Residential quarters, offices, classrooms, cinemas, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, museums, court houses

These architectural structures form the experiences of our lives

And these experiences form our memories

A city is an organism that keeps on changing

Cities are continuously changing, and no city remains forever the same

What remains unchanged is that the cities keep changing

A city is a place that produces memories and feelings

A city is a system built up by architecture

Architecture is like any other living thing, with a beginning, an aging process, and an end

The spaces in architecture are created by materials and substances

The spaces of concrete structures and the spaces of wooden structures have different textures

Memories are constructed by spatial textures

In a city full of big roads and small alleys

Architecture gives form to the spaces along the roads

The sizes of the architectural structures, shopping malls and their materials

The high density of highrise buildings

People are living in such close proximity

At first, the function of a city is of a mixed nature

Living and working in the same space

The spaces of a city divide living from working

Today, everything is organised on the display of a mobile phone

In that case, do architectural spaces still exist?

The form of a city changes, in the age of mobile phones

Architecture is also changing

Architecture has become some stimulating images

Spaces disappearing, replaced by images

People used to live in real spaces

The human eyes see spaces

The human eyes see images

What kind of memories are created by images?

What do you recall?

What do you know?

What do you remember?

What do you hear?

What do you forget?

What’s the difference between forgetting a person and forgetting a city?

What’s the difference between knowing a person and knowing a city?

What’s the difference between leaving a person and leaving a city?

What’s the difference between imagining a person and imagining a city?

What’s the difference between liking a person and liking a city?

What contributes to a good city?

What kind of memories would be created by a city full of air-conditioned shopping malls?

What kind of memories would be created by a city with streets and alleys of various sizes?

Are there distances between memories?

For how long would a memory last?

How long does it take to forget a memory?

What do you see and what do you remember when you close your eyes?

I remember the streets that used to be there, streets that were disorderly

I see myself sitting in a huge cinema watching a movie

I see the disappearance of these cinemas

I see spaces are changing

I know that time always goes forward, without looking back. 

Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part

Live Performance by KJ Wong


Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin

Live Performance by KJ Wong


Boléro by Maurice Ravel

The recording by Pierre Boulez / Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


La cathédrale engloutie by Claude Debussy

Live Performance by KJ Wong


Prelude in C by Johann Sebastian Bach

Live Performance by KJ Wong



(Music: Don Cruz Lyrics: Dash Arranged by: Don Cruz)

Live Performance by Josie and the Uni Boys



(Music: Don Cruz Lyrics: Wyman Wong / Andrew Lam Arranged by: Don Cruz & The Uni Boys)

Live Performance by Josie and the Uni Boys



(Music: Don Cruz Arranged by: Don Cruz)

Live Performance by Josie and the Uni Boys


Rule Your World

(Music/ Lyrics: Tian Yuan Arranged by: Don Cruz / Kong Xiao Yi)

Live Performance by Josie and the Uni Boys





Shanghai Grand Theatre



Shanghai Grand Theatre

Production Team

International Exchange Director / Producer Wong Yuewai

Producer Doris Kan

Company Manager (Administration and Finance) Jacky Chan

Assistant Artistic Director Cedric Chan

Senior Programme Manager Bowie Chow

PR & Marketing Luka Wong

Touring Manager Ho Yin-hei

Production Manager Lawrence Lee

Stage Manager Chow Chun-yin

Deputy Stage Manager Zeta Chan

Rehearsal Master Charmaine Cheng

Video Production Wing Chan

Video Operator Johnny Sze

Monitor-Mixing Engineering Cheung Man-yu

Assistant Stage Manager Chan On-ki

Lighting Assistant Issac Keung

Make-up (Josie Ho) Angus Lee 

Make-up Siu Wai-yan

Hair (Josie Ho) Vic Kwan 

Hair Chris Ho

Wardrobe Assistant Bonnie Chan

Graphic Design Rachel Chak

Graphic Design Assistant Coco Cheung

Photography (Josie and the Uni Boys Promo) Kimhoo So

Promotional Video Chan Chin-ho, Wing Chan

English Translation Mona Chu, Vicky Leong